No More Delays - It's Time for an Update!

I hate starting this update not talking about the update, but some things in life are far more important.   Our friends at Ammoready need your help.  Eric Austin has a daughter who is only 3 years old and recently diagnosed with an extremely rare and terminal disease.  

There are many good causes out there, but this one truly hits close to home and the only way I can think of helping is letting all of you know about it, in the hopes of helping raise money that can be used to find a cure.   Give us a shout out here if you make a donation or even share the link on your own social media, we will ship you over some of our newest coreFFEINE, we have new bags with even better beans!  And thank you in advance with whatever you can do, even if it's just raising awareness.

Click Read More (if you see the link, otherwise just keep scrolling) to learn all about this update.

This update has been in the works for the last three weeks.  Lots of small gems with many driven by your requests. There is a lot of great things coming soon, some of what you will see here are stepping stones and clues to what's coming!

Store Config

exciting! A fresh new look to the Store Config screen.  Makes it a WHOLE lot easier to navigate and less intimidating (at least we think so).  Lets us know what you think!


improvement Checkout our new updated Inventory Print List.

What's really exciting is that it will give you a preview to something we have been promising for months, which is a new reporting engine.   Checkout all the great features and let us know what you think.  We plan to start rolling out more reports using this engine and at some point we you may be able to build your own reports!

improvement Updated Location Information when you click Location in the Items screen.  Try it even if you only have one store, there is some valuable information that you can see for every item you sell.   This is just the start - MUCH more to come!

Sale Screen

improvement For our coreFORCE customers, if your customer/member has a waiver signed, this will show up on the Sales Screen along with an expiration date if you have defined one.

improvement Added the customer's middle name to the display if they have one.


improvement Added the ECommerce Contact Id to the customer export.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

improvement Added a field to track the creation date of a PO or Receiving transaction.

Work Orders

improvement Work order receipt will now include any payments that were made.


new feature When entering an expense you can now select the customer or supplier the expense is related to and this will also show on the expense report.

Bug Fixes

fix Item kits rounding off incorrectly and ringing up at the wrong price.

fix Tip screen was showing up after payment made in certain circumstances.

fix Fixed the left menu Inventory menu to be more consistent and not just collapse at random times.

fix When changing an item price to $0, a discount amount was showing on the receipt.

fix Fixed the delivery screen when the user completes the delivery the status will change to picked up.

fix Items setup in the button grid which were set as either a % of subtotal or % of previous item were not calculating the price when adding the item from the button grid.

fix When searching by FFL number in Suppliers, a dropdown appears, but clicking on it or selecting search does not actually bring up the FFL.

fix Transfer in transaction was adding wrong acquisition location information.

fix Fixed issue with cash out transactions not showing totals properly if the "cash" taken out was a check.

fix When Always Minimize Left Side Bar Menu is not selected there were menu options that were still minimizing. 

Bound Book & 4473

improvement Changed the Bound Book Acquisition information so license is not required, since it's not required by the ATF.

exciting! Manage 4473 Enhancements!!!!

improvement Combined "4473 Date" and "Date Certified" into single column         

improvement Simplified "Sections" columns to make room for new "3310" column (roll over section letters to see their purpose)         

new feature Added new "3310" column which shows one of four states:

  1. If no 3310 is needed for a given 4473, it shows "--".
  2. If a 3310 form needs to be filled out, it shows a yellow/orange alert triangle           Clicking on the alert triangle will open a new 3310 form, ready to be filled out.      
  3. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, but has not been emailed, it shows the   3310 record ID number in a green box.  Clicking on the green box will open the associated 3310 form             
  4. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, and has already been emailed, it shows the 3310 record ID number in a blue box with a letter icon.  Clicking on the blue box will open the associated 3310 form.  Mousing over the blue box will show the date/time it was emailed.

fix canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

fix Fixed on hand reconciliation between the bound book module and inventory.

fix Fixed bug in Section B where birth countries that contains an apostrophe were saving improperly. 

fix Fixed bug where duplicate firearms could appear on a 3310. 

fix Fixed bug where 3310s were sometimes not generating properly when doing manual 4473s. 

fix Fixed bugs that could cause 3310 alerts not to be generated when disposing of firearms using pending dispositions.


We will be releasing a full coreSTORE update Tuesday night, but if you are waiting for an updated plug-in for the NICS check, the wait is over.  We have updated our Chrome extension which you can download directly from the 4473 screen.

installation instructions can be found here:

Make sure to uninstall the existing version of the plug-in.  Quick video showing the updated plug-in in action.

If you have any questions please submit a ticket at:


If you are not a firearms retailer, you can stop reading and go on with your day 😀.

As many of you already know the ATF made a change to the LEEP system (the NICS check) which essentially broke our Chrome extension.  The ATF is not kind enough to let us know up front about changes they are introducing to the web site, so this caught us by surprise as much as it did you. 


Please do not submit a ticket, we are aware of the issue and working on resolution. The update introduced tabs to what used to be a single screen so as you can imagine it caused the extension to break.

What should you do in the meantime?????   Remember the good old days?  You will have to type  the information in, or copy and paste one field at a time.  We know it's painful and a fix is imminent, but we need a few days to program, test and verify.   

We appreciate your patience and we can assure you we are on top of the situation.

And yes, we have a general coreSTORE update being released...very soon... a few fun enhancements.

Friday Update

Sale Screen

improvement Discount Section Collapsed

Our goal is to reduce scrolling so we decided to collapse the discount section on the sales screen.  Just click it if you need to enter a discount or change a price tier. If your screen doesn't look the same make sure to hard refresh your browser.  On a PC you hold down the Shift-Ctl-R keys.  On a Mac you would Hold down Shift and click the Reload button. Or Hold down Command, Shift and click the 'R' key. 

new feature Cash out of the register will now print a receipt.

improvement The system will stop the sale from being completed if the payment amount far exceeds the sale amount.  This happens if the sales associate scanned a UPC code in to the payment amount field.

Work Order

new feature Added new security permission to Edit/Change the Item In Work Order. 


exciting! Reports now separate the date and time fields.  This means that when exporting reports to excel the date field will be treated in Excel as an actual date field without having to write any fancy formulas.

improvement Added a PRINT button to the Summary and Detailed Profit and Loss Reports, to allow the user to print the report/save it to PDF.

improvement Under the Detailed Sales Report, added a column that shows the name of the previous suspended sale type for that transaction.

improvement Added the selling price to the receiving receipt and changed the column title from Price to Cost.

improvement Added the internet order id to the Tax by Payments report.

Bound Book, 4473 & 3310

new feature You can now import custom fields into the bound book when importing bound book records from an external site.

new feature During import you can now choose whether inventory quantities should be updated.

fix Fixed bug in generating 3310s that was not ignoring firearms on books used for work orders from the '3310 check for alerts'.

fix Quotation marks in the Caliber/Gauge in a Bound Book record was preventing that firearm from being added to a 4473 (trying to do it just generated a JS error).

fix Fixed the check_for_3310_alert where the $id param could come in as empty and generate an error that's logged as an exception.     

fix Bringing up an existing 3310 for editing with a direct url didn't display the right firearm data     

fix Firearms that were both on valid (#11765) and invalid (#11760) 4473s (invalid/canceled/denied) within the 5 day time period could show up twice on the 3310 form 

fix Trying to print a 3310 from a direct URL would not generate the PDF properly.

Happy Saturday or should I say Happy Doge Day!

A few quick updates:

new feature You can now print a service tag when you create a work order directly from the sales screen.

improvement You can now include serial numbers when you print the inventory summary report.

fix When receiving serialized items using the multi serial entry box, the system will no longer give a false warning that the count is off.

fix Custom fields print on the receipt.  Make sure you check the box Show on Receipt.


In the world of POS-EEcom (pause-ee-comm), no one does it better than Coreware.

Grab a snack and tasty beverage (like coreFFEINE) and settle in for our first coreCAST 🎤 .  We cover some surprises in regard to both coreSTORE and coreFORCE.  Be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything in the Coreware Universe!

Our goal is to take these What's New updates, and bring them to life! Perfect to listen to while you're getting ready for work, on your way to work, or even at work if things are slow 😁 

Additionally, we try to keep things interesting with an off-topic segment every episode... tune into this episode to find out more about DISCLOSURE 🌎 🚀👽  🌌



Grab some coreFFEINE! Our first coreCAST is here!

new video  exciting! Is it a podcast or an update?... 

In the world of POS-Ecom (pause-ee-comm), no one does it better than Coreware.

Grab a snack and tasty beverage (like coreFFEINE) and settle in for our first coreCAST 🎤 .  We cover some surprises in regard to both coreSTORE and coreFORCE.  Be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything in the Coreware Universe!

Our goal is to take these What's New updates, and bring them to life! Perfect to listen to while you're getting ready for work, on your way to work, or even at work if things are slow 😁 

Additionally, we try to keep things interesting with an off-topic segment every episode... tune into this episode to find out more about DISCLOSURE 🌎 🚀👽  🌌 

But seriously... SUBSCRIBE!

new feature exciting! You asked, we delivered... SMS SUPPORT!

With coreFORCE, we now offer Twilio Integration, allowing you to reach your customers more effectively. One of our clients found that roughly 75% of their website traffic was coming from cellular devices! Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we reach our customers in the form that they are most likely to receive our updates.

To use Twilio, you will need to have an account. You can Sign Up Here!

Once you have an account the process is super simple! Simply go to your Orders -> Setup where you simply input the required information. 

See this Article for a Step by Step Walk-through

new feature exciting! Additional FontAwesome Support?!

This update keeps getting better and better! 😱 

If you're already familiar with FontAwesome, you already know how exciting this is (I'm looking at you front-end developers). You may or may not have known that FontAwesome icons are already fully integrated into coreFORCE but we now give you the ability to use the library of 7,865 icons directly in the (still horribly named) WYSIWYG editor!

What is FontAwesome? Well, FontAwesome is a library of professionally designed, pixel-perfect icons and symbols that you can use in your websites. 

Start taking a look today!

improvement exciting! Add Notes to Completed Orders

You can now add notes to a completed order without having to reopen the order. This is especially important for dealers who have automatic notifications when an order is marked completed!

 new feature exciting! Event Registration for Another Person

If you're using the eventregistration.php page for your events and classes, there is now an option for you to register another person for this event. This will not be an option if you are using the product details page for your events and classes.

improvement Product Listing Report Now Includes MAP

To run this report, go to Products -> Products -> Product Listing

new featureexciting! GunBroker Tax Report!

It was brought up to us that GunBroker cannot and will not generate a sales tax report... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ ... So we did it! 

To run this report go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Tax Report.

Okay, but seriously @GunBroker, you should REALLY add this report on your end as well!

new feature important Fixed Tax Amounts

You can now set fixed tax amounts for any products or for products in departments. This was needed for Illinois, where there is a flat $25 tax plus a percentage on firearms.

You can change this in Orders -> Settings -> State Tax Rates.

improvement Reservation Confirmation Page Now Includes Tax When Applicable


Enough said! 🎈 

new feature EasyPost Signature Preference

The EasyPost Create Label dialog will check "Signature required" if the shipment is being sent to an FFL.  To make "Adult Signature Required" checked by default, add the department codes you want to require an adult signature here in a comma-separated list.

This can be set up in Orders -> Setup in the EasyPost tab.

new feature HazMat support for EasyPost

The EasyPost Create Label dialog will give you a dropdown list of the various HazMat options. 

This can be set up in Orders -> Setup in the EasyPost tab.

new feature  You can add an Inventory Alert to the list of orders in the Order Dashboard. 

Did you know you can modify the column headers in the Orders Dashboard? If you select Actions -> Preferences you can actually select a LOT of different potential column headers! Our newest addition allows you to see inventory alerts for when orders contain products that are low on inventory!

What does it look like in action?


improvement Contact CSV Import Now Verifies Addresses

While this is GREAT for verifying that your data is clean, this also makes it possible to accurately parse addresses that aren’t broken out.  So, instead of having separate fields for Address1, city, state, and postal code, you can now just have a single full_address field, and coreFORCE will figure it out. This is especially useful for our new clients coming from AmmoReady. 

Please note that we do pay for those address lookups though, so if you are wanting to import thousands of addresses, we might have to charge a data import fee. 

improvement Add Location in Event Maintenance List View

improvement Added Aria Labels to login forms

This is mainly used for ADA compliance, and something we'll implement on our end 😁 

improvement Minor Code Structural Enhancements

These simply include miscellaneous behind-the-scenes structural enhancements. These types of changes generally just help the overall speed or efficiency of certain functions.

  • Orders Dashboard
  • Order Shipments
  • EasyPost Integration
  • Client Preferences
  • API updates
  • Images
  • Template Maintenance
  • GunBroker
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Manufacturers

bug fixes Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor issue regarding tax on shipping
  • Fixed a minor contact ID bug
  • Product Listing Report - MAP communication
  • Event Calendar - display priority
  • Fixed 2 minor functions causing system lockup
  • Fixed issue with minified code
  • Fixed minor issue with updating UPC
  • Fixed Issue with updating List Prices

tip Don't wash your Coreware mug in the dishwasher!

We heard from one of our customers that the label can come off in the dishwasher 😥 

🎉Happy Cinco De Mayo - Lets Celebrate🎉

tip In the spirit of the day we wanted to share with you a little tidbit about coreSTORE. Did you know that coreSTORE is available in 12 different languages? INCLUDING SPANISH???

And you can set each employee to run the system in their preferred language, just hop over to the employee management screen and scroll to where it says language to select the language of choice (or as they say in Spanish - Idioma). We can't guarantee complete accuracy nor do we have everything translated but it's a good start towards our future global expansion 😁!

I know what you are thinking...Is this it Ezra????? Are you grasping at straws to come up with some news? ABSOLUTELY NOT, there is a lot more! 

Click the READ MORE  link below to see what else is new!

Delivery Screen

new feature Edit sale button will now take you the actual Edit Sale screen rather than bringing up the transaction in the sales screen. You can still click on the order number to bring up the sales screen.


new feature You can now easily drag images in the work order screen as well as take a picture directly in the screen.

improvement Work order images are now stored to the database rather than the file system, this is to enable better load balancing of coreSTORE.

Memberships & Subscriptions

If memberships don't apply to you, just keep scrolling, there are more updates below!

We integrated membership and subscription selling from coreFORCE into coreSTORE. For any of you who run a range, or any other type of business that requires recurring billing/subscriptions you can now sell classes AND memberships right from the register and we truly apologize for how long it took us to get the membership integration done.   

For those of you not in the know, our ECommerce platform coreFORCE has all the functionality for handling recurring membership billing, membership management, online range scheduling, class management and registrations, online waivers and a whole lot more. If you would like to learn more or see a full demo of coreFORCE just send a ticket or email  

Lets start by showing a screen show of how an existing member's information is displayed on the sales screen.  I don't think I really needed the arrow to point it out. One important tip - if you see the ... make sure to click it if this person has more than one membership.

Next lets talk about selling memberships.  Just a few quick steps to enable this feature.  In the Store Configuration make sure to check the option "Sell subscriptions/memberships".

You can also change the button caption. Once you check the option you will see a new button in the button grid that is displayed on the sale screen:

improvement Quick Scan Icon More Visible

You may not even know that you can quickly scan multiple serial numbers at once in the receiving and sales screen, so we decided to try and make it more obvious.  Look for the orange icon with the bar code symbol.  Click it and watch the magic happen.

exciting!Android App Update 

Yes we have an app and even more exciting we have completely revamped the app and it's better than ever.  Just to mention a few highlights:

  • Easier and quicker setup. Just enter your coreSTORE subdomain and start using the app.

  • Set the app to automatically load the sale screen (open sale view)
  • Set the app to automatically open the customer facing display
  • Choose to open the cash drawer for cash and check payment types only
  • New toolbar displayed on every screen with shortcuts to scan, print, go home and back a screen.

  • Print receipts from your Android device.  Make sure you are using a Star Micronics printer and also make sure you install the Star Micronics PASSPRNT app (click the icon to install the app).    

Once you install PASSPRNT, you can run it on your device and make sure you can connect to your receipt printer.   

important PASSPRNT supports the following Star Micronics printers:

For more information on PASSPRNT please click here.

To install coreSTORE for Android simply click the icon below or find us directly on the Google Play Store.  


improvement Improved error messaging.

fix API was not returning sales that had a 100% discount.

fix The only suspended sale type showing in the Item Summary Report when Hide From Reports is unselected was Layaways

Bound Book/4473/3310 Updates

new feature Added ability to manually generate a 3310 from the 4473 Action menu (choose 'Create 3310 from 4473...' next to a completed 4473)

new feature  Added automatic filtering of the records in Manage 4473 based on the current Location, so only the locations 4473's will be displayed instead of showing all 4473's.

new feature Added version number to the download link for the NICS extension in Manage 4473_2020 page to make it easier to compare the installed vs. last released versions. 

new feature  Added custom 3310 Continuation Form to handle more than 6 firearms on a 3310.    

improvement On Section B if you had "NO" picked for 21.I.1, it was still expecting you to pick something from 21.I.2 (now it just disables 21.I.2 if you set 21.I.1 to "NO"). 

improvement  'Country of Citizenship' on LEEP was showing the country *name* not the country *code*.

improvement Removed dependency on having linked 4473 record to reduce/eliminate issues of 3310 not being generated. 

fix Fixed several issues related to 3310 generation.     

fix Fixed bug where person ID wasn't being correctly retrieved in certain circumstances.

fix When All Caps was turned on in Store Config and choosing to overwrite customer data in Section E could cause the Gender of the customer to flip to Non-Binary.

fix All Caps setting in Store Config was not being honored for the 3310 form or the generated PDF.    

fix 3310s weren't being generated if the customer was filling out 4473s by hand.

fix When the disposed date is not manually filling out, the inventory is not updating at all even when the user selected Yes to updating inventory on the pop-up. 

Full Steam Ahead!

announcement  exciting! coreCLEAR IS A GO!

If you'd like a quick overview of some of the things you can expect, make sure to check out this video!

And if you'd like to see the full webinar on this, make sure to click the link below

coreCLEAR Webinar

improvement exciting! Speaking of coreCLEAR... Are you Hesitant About Switching Merchant Providers?

We now have the ability to import saved accounts from a different merchant provider, including updating any recurring transactions to use the new merchant provider.  This allows us to perform an nearly seamless migration to coreCLEAR from other merchant gateways.

improvement Orders Dashboard Updates!

1) On the Order Dashboard, if the billing address is a long distance from the shipping address, the billing address will now be highlighted with a warning showing the distance.  This should help catch potentially fraudulent orders. 

2) On the Order Dashboard, there is now a count of the total quantity of items ordered (less deleted items) and the total quantity of items shipped (less secondary shipments).  This will help ensure that no products are missed when fulfilling large orders.

improvement Reservation Confirmation Page Update

If you've worked with online scheduling, you may know this as the page running the script: reservefacility.php.

This page now includes a business name field, and if the customer is not logged in, there will also be a phone number field. This allows a bit more flexibility to this page, especially if you'd like to use it for scheduling appointments whereas it has traditionally been used for events and facility reservations.

improvement Contact Subscription - Notes Field

Contact Subscription records now have a notes field to allow staff to record the reason why a subscription was paused or cancelled. 

This reason will show in the subscription report. 


Quick Update - Seriously

improvement When deleting a sale containing a gift card, the gift card balance will now be updated properly (including on your website).

improvement The last 4 digits of the credit card will be displayed in the Payment Details report when using the "manual card" option.

improvement Added more detailed error messages on the receiving screen when importing products from the website.  This should help clarify why an item can't be added.

fix Tip screen will show up properly on the customer display.  There was an issue with it not showing the correct tip calculations.

fix There was a way to enter a serial number twice on a sale, this has been corrected.

exciting! Webinar - Clearing The Confusion of Merchant Processing

We are hosting a webinar tomorrow at 1:00PM, it will be a discussion about merchant processing or what I like to refer to as the GIANT ONION🧅!   I can't promise total clarity because even after 20+ years of dealing with merchant processing,  I'm still confused myself but we will help reduce some of the confusion by explaining all of the layers involved with merchant processing, some of the terminology, and things you should look for and be aware of.


We are giving away a VP8300 Card Reader along with a Lenovo Tabet and Stand which you can use as a customer-facing display.  You must attend the webinar to be eligible for the giveaway.

Register for the Webinar HERE

NEW VIDEO Watch our video on coreCLEAR and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel while you are there.

Wait, did you say coreCLEAR?!

exciting! You heard us right! Introducing coreCLEAR!

coreCLEAR is our newest offering in the Coreware product line up and it's one you should be excited about! coreCLEAR is our very own simple and CLEAR merchant processor!

coreCLEAR supports all card types, all ways – swipe cards, chip cards and mobile wallets. Fast payment processing with Next Day Funding and best of all, we’ve got transparent pricing with NO hidden fees! 

new video Watch our video to hear why this is important and why this is a PERFECT option for you!

Register for the Webinar HERE

We'll be releasing more videos in coming days to give you a better idea of what to expect in the webinar and how coreCLEAR can help YOU!

new feature Order History Now Shows Shipping Method

A logged in user can now go into My Account to see the shipping method used on their order. This will hide the shipping address for pickup orders and virtual products.

improvement User Substitution Fields for Templates

We now have a better way to to display names, email addresses, physical addresses, and more directly in the website template itself. This could be useful for many different things, such as if you'd like the customer's address to be displayed somewhere on a page. 

important Please note: incorrectly changing your site template can make your entire site unusable.  If you have any doubts about how to change your site template safely, submit a help desk ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

For the developers out there, some of the substitution values include:

  • %userDisplayName%
  • %email_address%
  • %contact_id%
  • %city%
  • %state%

bug fixes Shooting Sports Catalog Maintenance

We added code to ensure that our shooting sports catalog stays clean in the rare event that a distributor feed includes a placeholder UPC code.


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