Did We Mention the NSSF Range Retailer Expo?

Okay, we probably have... But only because it's worth mentioning!

exciting! We are so excited for this expo in West Palm Beach and to meet those of you who are going to be there! If you attend this show be sure to stop by booth 523 and have a cup of coreFFEINE on us. Whether you're able to attend or not, stay tuned for updates from the show! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for all of the updates!

new video Speaking of YouTube, we couldn't leave you hanging so we released EPISODE 3 of coreCAST with some great discussion on new updates to both coreFORCE and coreSTORE with some additional discussion on the 1st Amendment. This one's a bit quicker so grab a cup of coreFFEINE and give it a listen while you drive to work, take a shower, or clean your Glock. 

announcement important PCI COMPLIANCE

We just wanted to go ahead and remind everyone that per PCI compliance it is imperative that you do NOT have a generic admin user on coreFORCE that multiple admin users log in to and work off. Having a generic admin user like this opens you up to data breaches and this should be taken very seriously. 

If you need help on setting up additional admin users, please let us know by submitting a ticket to our Help Desk

improvement Text Expansion

The Canned responses dropdown in the orders dashboard can now be used for texts as well as emails. If you have a short email with limited HTML formatting, the system will automatically strip the HTML out of the email so it can be sent as a text. 

improvement Event Registration Report

Custom fields for contacts can now be added to the event registration report (things like driver's license number, etc.). Helpful for checking attendees in if you need to verify certain pieces of information.

new feature Tracking Icon

There is now a tracking icon next to the tracking number on the orders dashboard which will open the tracking page on the carrier's site to see the progress of the package.

improvement Placeholders

There is now a results table placeholder for the invoice payment notification email that gives the details of how much was paid against each invoice. 


Additionally, user type and code were added as additional placeholders for use in pages. 

user.user_type_code or user.user_type were added. 

new feature Added "Ship to Store Option" for Order Directives

This is used in automatic order processing controls. We added an option to make sure that any orders placed are shipped to directly to your physical store. 

new feature Add Facility Tags

You can now create and apply tags to facilities, similarly to how you create and apply tags to products. 

These tags can be things that describe what type of facility a particular facility is. For a gun range, you could specify that a particular lane has more advanced targeting or gamification technology. 

Another Update and this is a Big One

exciting! We hope you all had a very happy 4th of July.  We've been busy (as always) for the last few weeks working on various new features, improvements and of course bug fixes. What would software be without those pesky bugs🐛

First things first, though, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you will receive new tutorial updates for both coreFORCE AND coreSTORE . We will also post replays of any webinars that we host here and perhaps the most entertaining industry podcast around: coreCAST

new video Check out our latest episode, Episode 2 for fun discussion on Coffee, Crypto, Aliens, and an overview of new updates. Additionally, make sure to comment for a chance to win another bag of coreFFEINE!


exciting! new feature Automated Closing Report Delivered Daily to your Mailbox

You can now receive a daily sales report for your store.  Head over to the Locations screen and enter the email address and time you would like to receive the report.

new feature Edit Sales Tax By Line Item

During a sale you can now override the default taxes associated with any given line item. Including the ability to remove taxes from a specific line item.

new feature Default Margin by Category

You can now specify a default margin/markup percent by category.

new feature Price Check Screen

We have had a couple of dealers that asked us to design a price check screen that can be used by their customers.   Here is a view of it:

We added a new security option so you can setup a user that only has access to the Price Check functionality which would allow you to setup a screen on the floor for customers to use without worrying about them accessing your system.

improvement Receiving Screen

When receiving from a previously created purchase order, we now clearly show the quantity that was on the original order, and how many have been received to date.


new feature Split the Bill

You now can optionally show buttons to split the payment by a quarter, third or half. To enable this option click on your Store Config, under Payment Types you will see a new check box: Enable Split Payment Buttons.   This will allow you to easily split the payment among multiple people (unless you have more than 4):

new feature Assemblies

Different from item kits, an assembly is an item you are "building", which has components in it. If you are a manufacturer you are familiar with the term "Bill of Materials", well this is what we now have.  You an define an assembly (the finished good), and specify what components/items make up the assembly.  You can then build assemblies and the system will properly deduct the components from inventory and add the quantity that was built of finished assemblies.  This all probably sounds a bit complex and if it wasn't 1:30AM, and I wasn't a major sugar high, I would record a video.  So I will promise you this - A VIDEO IS COMING!  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

In the meantime here is a screen shot of the Assemblies screen.

new feature Default Mailing List

You can now specify one more default mailing lists to add a customer to when adding a new customer.  This is for Mailchimp users, but will also apply to coreILLA - The Mailchimp KILLA!  COMING SOON!!!!!!

GENERAL improvementS 

  • Clicking the customer name will now default to show ALL TRANSACTIONS when viewing the customer's history.
  • Added a new security option for Selling Gift Cards, if a user only has this permission then all they can do is sell a gift card on the sales screen and will have no access to manage the gift cards in the gift card management screen.  This is an important security update.
  • When selecting which Tags you want to show in the Inventory Summary By Category Report, the selected tags will also show up in the Excel.
  • Added the ability to import/export the override tax field when importing/exporting items. 
  • Added the markup and margin fields to the Items Import feature.

EXCITING! Firearm Transfers a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

We now have a streamlined method of entering a firearm transfer from another FFL. This is something that many of you have requested.  In this case I think a video is best way to showcase this new feature!  Let us know if you are excited about this feature, because we absolutely are.


new feature You can now email a copy of your FFL License.   To load your license visit the Location screen, there is a new option to upload your FFL License.  Once it's uploaded you can click the new menu option in the bound book.

new feature You can now designate inventory types that SHOULD NOT create a bound book record even if the item is serialized.  This is a great feature if you want to track your  optics by serial number but don't want to create a separate bound book for those.

new feature If there's no NICS response within 3 days (causing you to pick "NR" for Section C/Q.27d), the NICS Result bubble on the Manage 4473 screen will be displayed with double-asterisks (**). 

Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is unset: show "PROCEED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "PROCEED": show" PROCEED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "DENIED": show "DENIED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "CANCELED": show "CANCELED**"  

improvement Added the ability to specify a waiting period by location, for customers who have stores in multiple states.

improvement Added a configuration option to prompt for password, if the waiting period is enabled.

improvement Modified Section E #33 to allow for a shortened FFL (X-XX-XXXXX) Number to appear instead of the full number by supporting the new "Use short FFL" store config option.

improvement Enhanced the left bound book menu to provide quicker access to the Manage and Fill Out 4473 screen.

bug fixes 

  • Customer last names that contained an apostrophe were showing up truncated on the 3310 form.     
  • Filing out 4473s manually was not getting firearms displaying on the 3310 PDF form.
  • Fixed bug where canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

GENERAL bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with entering a range of serial numbers containing a 0 at the start of the serial number.
  • ECommerce manual sync (which you shouldn't have to run very often, if ever) will now properly assign the ECommerce ID to the item.
  • Fixed an issue when updating item information from the online catalog.
  • Fee based items were not calculating the price of the item when adding the item from the button grid.
  • When doing a batch receiving, the lookup of UPC codes was not properly working, this is now fixed.

TOO MANY Incredible Updates? Nonsense.

exciting! Happy Independence Day Weekend everyone!

This is such a great time of the year to celebrate the Declaration of Independence when the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the King of Britain, King George III. 

Did you know that the Congress had actually voted to declare independence two days earlier on July 2nd, but it was not officially declared until July 4th? 

At Coreware, we are proud of our country and proud to stand alongside so many great businesses and individuals who love our country and the freedoms that we get to enjoy. We sincerely thank you for your business and we sincerely hope you all have an incredible weekend. 

announcement On to the announcements!

We've been hard at work and we have a LOT of exciting updates in this week's What's New! Hold on to your hats cause we have some HUGE updates!

First things first, though, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you will receive new tutorial updates for both coreFORCE AND coreSTORE. We will also post replays of any webinars that we host here and perhaps the most entertaining industry podcast around: coreCAST

new videoCheck out our latest episode, Episode 2 for fun discussion on Coffee, Crypto, Aliens, and an overview of new updates. Additionally, make sure to comment for a chance to win another bag of coreFFEINE!



This is a HUGE update! A lot of of you have been asking for this for a while and we now give your customers the ability to purchase events and classes for friends and loved ones. This will create a simple contact for that person if they do not already have a contact.

exciting! new feature Ammo Seek Integration!

Not familiar with Ammo Seek? It's basically gun.deals but for ammo. To set up your integration, go to Orders -> Settings where you can set it up in the AmmoSeek tab.

 Not using Ammo Seek yet? 

Join Here

exciting! new feature Invoice Updates!

You can now create Invoice types AND send reminders for invoices. Especially useful for layaways! Go to Payments -> Invoicing -> Invoice Types.

Additionally, you can now check the "Requires User" flag to a payment method in order to make this feature only available to users who are logged in. Go to Payments -> Payment Methods. This was done for layaways/invoices but could be used for any payment!

improvement Book Days Ahead by User Group Using the Public Facing Event Scheduler

We made an update so that user groups will have priority if there is a conflict between setting the DAYS_AHEAD text chunk code for user group, user type, and no user group/type. This will allow you to give special permissions to certain users so that they can book out facilities further in advance than other users!

Please note that the Public Facing Event Scheduler can be used to book out any type of event or event to allow customers to set appointments and meetings. 

If you would like to learn more about how to set this up, and what it looks like, we have this series here where we explain how to set this up for a gun range in particular. 

improvement Additionally, we now have better Page Text Chunk Documentation directly on the page which will include the usable page text chunks for a particular page. 

new feature Added Contact Notes to the recurring payment maintenance page

This is used to improve membership management so that you can make notes on a contact's payment status/issues so that they can be seen directly on the contact record.

improvement Added filter for Orders with low inventory Items

Access this in your Orders Dashboard.

new feature Expiration Days and Emails for Forms 

Forms can now include an expiration day as well as emails. Please submit a ticket if you think you may have a need for this!

improvement exciting! Placeholders

Placeholders are now more generalized and codified. You can add the following placeholders in any page or template. 

Click here for full list.

improvement Added a field named "Metro Area" to locations. This will allow a company to show all stores, for instance, in the Houston area.

new feature exciting! Promotions

Promotions can now be restricted to people who have made specific previous purchases. This will allow a dealer, for instance, to give a 10% discount on specific products (perhaps a membership) for 30 days after a person purchases a class.

new feature exciting! Help Desk Mentions

You can now tag other Help Desk Staff when writing notes. Just type @ and start typing the user's name. The person tagged should receive an email notification.

improvement Miscellaneous Updates

  • Form List Updates
  • Orders Dashboard Updates
  • Video Display Updates
  • EasyPost Updates
  • Product Imports
  • Contact Picker
  • Zaius Communication Updates
  • product export report
  • Order Items report
  • Order Tracking
  • Email Log
  • Export Formatting
  • Refund Dashboard
  • Text Messaging
  • Sitemap Changes

bug fixes 

  • Lipseys Fix
  • Fixed issue with Content Builder for email
  • Fixed Issue with Updated Payment Methods not updating Recurring Payment accounts.
  • Fixed Issue with Kit products not creating recurring payments.
  • Fixed an issue with updating products
  • Fix issue with 360 images and duplicated code
  • Fixed an issue with attendees for events
  • Fixed an issue with translation for menu items
  • Fixed an issue with cart minimums and maximums
  • Fixed an issue with Modals
  • Fixed an issue with logging out while simulating a user who hasn't reset password yet.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some prices to not be cached
  • Fixed an issue with user groups for subscriptions

No More Delays - It's Time for an Update!

I hate starting this update not talking about the update, but some things in life are far more important.   Our friends at Ammoready need your help.  Eric Austin has a daughter who is only 3 years old and recently diagnosed with an extremely rare and terminal disease.  

There are many good causes out there, but this one truly hits close to home and the only way I can think of helping is letting all of you know about it, in the hopes of helping raise money that can be used to find a cure.   Give us a shout out here if you make a donation or even share the link on your own social media, we will ship you over some of our newest coreFFEINE, we have new bags with even better beans!  And thank you in advance with whatever you can do, even if it's just raising awareness.

Click Read More (if you see the link, otherwise just keep scrolling) to learn all about this update.

This update has been in the works for the last three weeks.  Lots of small gems with many driven by your requests. There is a lot of great things coming soon, some of what you will see here are stepping stones and clues to what's coming!

Store Config

exciting! A fresh new look to the Store Config screen.  Makes it a WHOLE lot easier to navigate and less intimidating (at least we think so).  Lets us know what you think!


improvement Checkout our new updated Inventory Print List.

What's really exciting is that it will give you a preview to something we have been promising for months, which is a new reporting engine.   Checkout all the great features and let us know what you think.  We plan to start rolling out more reports using this engine and at some point we you may be able to build your own reports!

improvement Updated Location Information when you click Location in the Items screen.  Try it even if you only have one store, there is some valuable information that you can see for every item you sell.   This is just the start - MUCH more to come!

Sale Screen

improvement For our coreFORCE customers, if your customer/member has a waiver signed, this will show up on the Sales Screen along with an expiration date if you have defined one.

improvement Added the customer's middle name to the display if they have one.


improvement Added the ECommerce Contact Id to the customer export.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

improvement Added a field to track the creation date of a PO or Receiving transaction.

Work Orders

improvement Work order receipt will now include any payments that were made.


new feature When entering an expense you can now select the customer or supplier the expense is related to and this will also show on the expense report.

Bug Fixes

fix Item kits rounding off incorrectly and ringing up at the wrong price.

fix Tip screen was showing up after payment made in certain circumstances.

fix Fixed the left menu Inventory menu to be more consistent and not just collapse at random times.

fix When changing an item price to $0, a discount amount was showing on the receipt.

fix Fixed the delivery screen when the user completes the delivery the status will change to picked up.

fix Items setup in the button grid which were set as either a % of subtotal or % of previous item were not calculating the price when adding the item from the button grid.

fix When searching by FFL number in Suppliers, a dropdown appears, but clicking on it or selecting search does not actually bring up the FFL.

fix Transfer in transaction was adding wrong acquisition location information.

fix Fixed issue with cash out transactions not showing totals properly if the "cash" taken out was a check.

fix When Always Minimize Left Side Bar Menu is not selected there were menu options that were still minimizing. 

Bound Book & 4473

improvement Changed the Bound Book Acquisition information so license is not required, since it's not required by the ATF.

exciting! Manage 4473 Enhancements!!!!

improvement Combined "4473 Date" and "Date Certified" into single column         

improvement Simplified "Sections" columns to make room for new "3310" column (roll over section letters to see their purpose)         

new feature Added new "3310" column which shows one of four states:

  1. If no 3310 is needed for a given 4473, it shows "--".
  2. If a 3310 form needs to be filled out, it shows a yellow/orange alert triangle           Clicking on the alert triangle will open a new 3310 form, ready to be filled out.      
  3. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, but has not been emailed, it shows the   3310 record ID number in a green box.  Clicking on the green box will open the associated 3310 form             
  4. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, and has already been emailed, it shows the 3310 record ID number in a blue box with a letter icon.  Clicking on the blue box will open the associated 3310 form.  Mousing over the blue box will show the date/time it was emailed.

fix canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

fix Fixed on hand reconciliation between the bound book module and inventory.

fix Fixed bug in Section B where birth countries that contains an apostrophe were saving improperly. 

fix Fixed bug where duplicate firearms could appear on a 3310. 

fix Fixed bug where 3310s were sometimes not generating properly when doing manual 4473s. 

fix Fixed bugs that could cause 3310 alerts not to be generated when disposing of firearms using pending dispositions.


We will be releasing a full coreSTORE update Tuesday night, but if you are waiting for an updated plug-in for the NICS check, the wait is over.  We have updated our Chrome extension which you can download directly from the 4473 screen.

installation instructions can be found here:


Make sure to uninstall the existing version of the plug-in.  Quick video showing the updated plug-in in action.

If you have any questions please submit a ticket at: https://help.coreware.com.


If you are not a firearms retailer, you can stop reading and go on with your day 😀.

As many of you already know the ATF made a change to the LEEP system (the NICS check) which essentially broke our Chrome extension.  The ATF is not kind enough to let us know up front about changes they are introducing to the web site, so this caught us by surprise as much as it did you. 


Please do not submit a ticket, we are aware of the issue and working on resolution. The update introduced tabs to what used to be a single screen so as you can imagine it caused the extension to break.

What should you do in the meantime?????   Remember the good old days?  You will have to type  the information in, or copy and paste one field at a time.  We know it's painful and a fix is imminent, but we need a few days to program, test and verify.   

We appreciate your patience and we can assure you we are on top of the situation.

And yes, we have a general coreSTORE update being released...very soon... a few fun enhancements.

Friday Update

Sale Screen

improvement Discount Section Collapsed

Our goal is to reduce scrolling so we decided to collapse the discount section on the sales screen.  Just click it if you need to enter a discount or change a price tier. If your screen doesn't look the same make sure to hard refresh your browser.  On a PC you hold down the Shift-Ctl-R keys.  On a Mac you would Hold down Shift and click the Reload button. Or Hold down Command, Shift and click the 'R' key. 

new feature Cash out of the register will now print a receipt.

improvement The system will stop the sale from being completed if the payment amount far exceeds the sale amount.  This happens if the sales associate scanned a UPC code in to the payment amount field.

Work Order

new feature Added new security permission to Edit/Change the Item In Work Order. 


exciting! Reports now separate the date and time fields.  This means that when exporting reports to excel the date field will be treated in Excel as an actual date field without having to write any fancy formulas.

improvement Added a PRINT button to the Summary and Detailed Profit and Loss Reports, to allow the user to print the report/save it to PDF.

improvement Under the Detailed Sales Report, added a column that shows the name of the previous suspended sale type for that transaction.

improvement Added the selling price to the receiving receipt and changed the column title from Price to Cost.

improvement Added the internet order id to the Tax by Payments report.

Bound Book, 4473 & 3310

new feature You can now import custom fields into the bound book when importing bound book records from an external site.

new feature During import you can now choose whether inventory quantities should be updated.

fix Fixed bug in generating 3310s that was not ignoring firearms on books used for work orders from the '3310 check for alerts'.

fix Quotation marks in the Caliber/Gauge in a Bound Book record was preventing that firearm from being added to a 4473 (trying to do it just generated a JS error).

fix Fixed the check_for_3310_alert where the $id param could come in as empty and generate an error that's logged as an exception.     

fix Bringing up an existing 3310 for editing with a direct url didn't display the right firearm data     

fix Firearms that were both on valid (#11765) and invalid (#11760) 4473s (invalid/canceled/denied) within the 5 day time period could show up twice on the 3310 form 

fix Trying to print a 3310 from a direct URL would not generate the PDF properly.

Happy Saturday or should I say Happy Doge Day!

A few quick updates:

new feature You can now print a service tag when you create a work order directly from the sales screen.

improvement You can now include serial numbers when you print the inventory summary report.

fix When receiving serialized items using the multi serial entry box, the system will no longer give a false warning that the count is off.

fix Custom fields print on the receipt.  Make sure you check the box Show on Receipt.


In the world of POS-EEcom (pause-ee-comm), no one does it better than Coreware.

Grab a snack and tasty beverage (like coreFFEINE) and settle in for our first coreCAST 🎤 .  We cover some surprises in regard to both coreSTORE and coreFORCE.  Be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything in the Coreware Universe!

Our goal is to take these What's New updates, and bring them to life! Perfect to listen to while you're getting ready for work, on your way to work, or even at work if things are slow 😁 

Additionally, we try to keep things interesting with an off-topic segment every episode... tune into this episode to find out more about DISCLOSURE 🌎 🚀👽  🌌



Grab some coreFFEINE! Our first coreCAST is here!

new video  exciting! Is it a podcast or an update?... 

In the world of POS-Ecom (pause-ee-comm), no one does it better than Coreware.

Grab a snack and tasty beverage (like coreFFEINE) and settle in for our first coreCAST 🎤 .  We cover some surprises in regard to both coreSTORE and coreFORCE.  Be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything in the Coreware Universe!

Our goal is to take these What's New updates, and bring them to life! Perfect to listen to while you're getting ready for work, on your way to work, or even at work if things are slow 😁 

Additionally, we try to keep things interesting with an off-topic segment every episode... tune into this episode to find out more about DISCLOSURE 🌎 🚀👽  🌌 

But seriously... SUBSCRIBE!

new feature exciting! You asked, we delivered... SMS SUPPORT!

With coreFORCE, we now offer Twilio Integration, allowing you to reach your customers more effectively. One of our clients found that roughly 75% of their website traffic was coming from cellular devices! Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we reach our customers in the form that they are most likely to receive our updates.

To use Twilio, you will need to have an account. You can Sign Up Here!

Once you have an account the process is super simple! Simply go to your Orders -> Setup where you simply input the required information. 

See this Article for a Step by Step Walk-through

new feature exciting! Additional FontAwesome Support?!

This update keeps getting better and better! 😱 

If you're already familiar with FontAwesome, you already know how exciting this is (I'm looking at you front-end developers). You may or may not have known that FontAwesome icons are already fully integrated into coreFORCE but we now give you the ability to use the library of 7,865 icons directly in the (still horribly named) WYSIWYG editor!

What is FontAwesome? Well, FontAwesome is a library of professionally designed, pixel-perfect icons and symbols that you can use in your websites. 

Start taking a look today!

improvement exciting! Add Notes to Completed Orders

You can now add notes to a completed order without having to reopen the order. This is especially important for dealers who have automatic notifications when an order is marked completed!

 new feature exciting! Event Registration for Another Person

If you're using the eventregistration.php page for your events and classes, there is now an option for you to register another person for this event. This will not be an option if you are using the product details page for your events and classes.

improvement Product Listing Report Now Includes MAP

To run this report, go to Products -> Products -> Product Listing

new featureexciting! GunBroker Tax Report!

It was brought up to us that GunBroker cannot and will not generate a sales tax report... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ ... So we did it! 

To run this report go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Tax Report.

Okay, but seriously @GunBroker, you should REALLY add this report on your end as well!

new feature important Fixed Tax Amounts

You can now set fixed tax amounts for any products or for products in departments. This was needed for Illinois, where there is a flat $25 tax plus a percentage on firearms.

You can change this in Orders -> Settings -> State Tax Rates.

improvement Reservation Confirmation Page Now Includes Tax When Applicable


Enough said! 🎈 

new feature EasyPost Signature Preference

The EasyPost Create Label dialog will check "Signature required" if the shipment is being sent to an FFL.  To make "Adult Signature Required" checked by default, add the department codes you want to require an adult signature here in a comma-separated list.

This can be set up in Orders -> Setup in the EasyPost tab.

new feature HazMat support for EasyPost

The EasyPost Create Label dialog will give you a dropdown list of the various HazMat options. 

This can be set up in Orders -> Setup in the EasyPost tab.

new feature  You can add an Inventory Alert to the list of orders in the Order Dashboard. 

Did you know you can modify the column headers in the Orders Dashboard? If you select Actions -> Preferences you can actually select a LOT of different potential column headers! Our newest addition allows you to see inventory alerts for when orders contain products that are low on inventory!

What does it look like in action?


improvement Contact CSV Import Now Verifies Addresses

While this is GREAT for verifying that your data is clean, this also makes it possible to accurately parse addresses that aren’t broken out.  So, instead of having separate fields for Address1, city, state, and postal code, you can now just have a single full_address field, and coreFORCE will figure it out. This is especially useful for our new clients coming from AmmoReady. 

Please note that we do pay for those address lookups though, so if you are wanting to import thousands of addresses, we might have to charge a data import fee. 

improvement Add Location in Event Maintenance List View

improvement Added Aria Labels to login forms

This is mainly used for ADA compliance, and something we'll implement on our end 😁 

improvement Minor Code Structural Enhancements

These simply include miscellaneous behind-the-scenes structural enhancements. These types of changes generally just help the overall speed or efficiency of certain functions.

  • Orders Dashboard
  • Order Shipments
  • EasyPost Integration
  • Client Preferences
  • API updates
  • Images
  • Template Maintenance
  • GunBroker
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Manufacturers

bug fixes Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor issue regarding tax on shipping
  • Fixed a minor contact ID bug
  • Product Listing Report - MAP communication
  • Event Calendar - display priority
  • Fixed 2 minor functions causing system lockup
  • Fixed issue with minified code
  • Fixed minor issue with updating UPC
  • Fixed Issue with updating List Prices

tip Don't wash your Coreware mug in the dishwasher!

We heard from one of our customers that the label can come off in the dishwasher 😥 

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