This Week's Update - Why Read When You can Watch?

Lots of little but helpful nuggets in this update, as well as some new video tips, and even some older features that we discovered were never officially announced. By the way keep reading for a chance to win $250!

Support for Preauthorizing Credit Cards

We released support for being able to preauthorize a credit card.  This is a great feature for our customers that use the coreCLEAR or coreCLEAR MX gateways.

Watch this video to learn all about preauthorizations.

Location Restrictions

You can now restrict certain items from being sold at specific locations, this feature can also be used if you have a single location but you have items in inventory that are not for sale (for example raw materials/components).

Here's a video showing how to setup these restirctions.

Email Receipts Layout

You can now choose whether you want to email a sales receipt to a customer in landscape or portrait format, this option will only show up in the store configuration when you enable PDF receipts.

Discontinue Items

You can set a date when an item should be discontinued.  Watch a quick video on how to set this up.

Manufacturer Part Number & Brands

We added a field to the items screen for manufacturer part number.  This field can be used as another identifier for an item.  Many retailers already have a UPC code, an internal product id (or SKU) and need another primary field to specify the manufacturer part number.   This field is now available in the items screen, and users can search for items using this field in the sales and po/receiving screens.

We also decided to separate the brands from the manufacturers and store those separately.  So now you can maintain brands separately from maintaining your manufacturers.  You can easily add brands to the manufacturer right in the manufacturer screen, or right on the items screen you can start typing in a brand name and the system will allow you to add a new brand as long as you selected a manufacturer. You cannot add a brand name without specifying the manufacturer.

Assemblies Keep Getting Better

We expanded the assembly functionality so you can start tracking your entire assembly process and who did what.   Watch the video to learn more about our new assembly build screen.

Mask Your Cost

This request came from a customer who had this feature in their previous system. You can now setup coreSTORE so it will create a special code that represents the cost of an item.  This code can be printed on your price labels or displayed on your digital price tags.  Watch this video to learn more about this awesome feature.

Make the Right Purchasing Decisions

We've added A LOT of information right at your fingertips, and you can access this information directly from the sales/purchase order/items screen.  Watch this video to learn more:

Employee Security Settings are Easier

The security options are vast, but we made it a little easier to navigate by collapsing the security options so you can quickly scroll to the module you want to change permissions on and simply click the module.  Here's a video showing how the new settings work, and also it explains how to setup employee templates.  This is a HUGE time saver when setting up new employees, so make sure to watch this quick video.

2 Factor Authentication And Other Security Options

We added the ability to force 2 factor authentication in coreSTORE.  This is a great way to ensure security and also discourage employees from sharing their user id's and passwords.  Watch this video to learn about the different security options in coreSTORE including facial recognition.


We moved all the ID information for a customer to it's own tab, seems more logical and less scrolling. For our gun store owners we added several fields related to their CCL license.

Speaking of moving, we really did move and now have a couple of office locations. Our main office is now located in Columbus North Carolina:  

799 W Mills St.
Suite B
Columbus, NC 28722

We also have a small office in Colorado Springs and our warehouse is in Lexington, KY.

🎉🎉🎉It's Time for a Giveawy🎉🎉🎉

Lets see who's paying attention to our What's New.  Buried in here is an answer to this question:

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Bound Book, 4473, 3310

improvement Added code to prevent a 4473 from being changed to INVALID when a corresponding Sale is deleted if it has already been through a NICS check and has a recorded NICS result.    

improvement Drivers license is no longer required when disposing a firearm directly from the Bound Book module.

fix Section E could not be filled out if the 4473 was DENIED or CANCELED. Now when you go to Section E, if the status is DENIED or CANCELED, the Transfer Date is not shown on Section E and is left blank when Section E is submitted. 

fix Fixed bug where using 'Create 3310 From 4473' did not display an error dialog informing the user if the firearm(s) were on a Work Order bound book.

improvement If you attempt to send a 3310 by email that has already been sent before, you are asked to confirm you want to send it again (in which case the email_date stored in the DB is updated) otherwise you can abort the send and leave the previously existing email date alone.   

improvement Fixed bugs in 3310 submission to ATF and LEOs; this build should help ensure everyone gets the 3310 as an attachment. For LEOs, there is also a link in the email to download and display the 3310 PDF on demand if for some reason there is a problem opening the attachment.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Yes it's been two weeks since our last update and as promised we have released an update and we have some great improvements and some new features.  Before we get to the fun stuff please take the time to watch this video especially if you are currently processing your credit card transactions with a Pax terminal:

coreCLEAR Merchant Processing

Did you see our latest challenge?  If you are not using coreCLEAR as your merchant processor we will pay you $500 if we can't beat your current processing rates!  If you are interested in a free analysis and quote just visit:

new feature Manual Card Entry Support

If you are using the coreCLEAR gateway, you can now setup a register to process manual transactions (helpful if you take orders via the phone).

To setup a Manual Register click the Locations menu option under Inventory (Left side of your screen).  Click on the location you are in and then click the Merchant Processing tab and add a register.  Set the register name and then select Card Not Present as the Card Reader Type.

When processing a sale on the manula register when selecting credit card as the payment type, you will be prompted to enter the card information.  

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a customer selected for the sale and that their address matches the billing address of the credit card.

new feature exciting! Credit Card Terminal Settings

CLEAR 8500 - Counter Top

CLEAR 6200 - Mobile Payment Terminal

If you are using the CLEAR 8500 or CLEAR 6200 (pictured above) then this news will be exciting.  Currently these devices can display banner ads, a video, they will show your customer the items that are being rung up in the sale and now you can request additional information from your customer including their name, email address and you can even ask them to join your loyalty program or if they are already signed up the terminal will display their current point balance.  

An additional option lets you prompt the customer for any missing information that you don't have on file including their email address or phone number.

To activate any of these options, click the locations screen and under the Merchant Processing tab you will see these new configuration options:

Item Assemblies

If you do light manufacturing of products then item assemblies is what you want to use to build your assemblies. In short an assembly defines the recipe for making a product (raw materials) and a build is the action of producing the product (finished good).

We've made a few improvements with item assemblies:

improvement On hand and Committed Clearly Displayed

Showing committed is helpful because it can help with planning your production and material needs, since what is committed reflects what's on order.

improvement Choose Your Columns

Similar to the other screens in coreSTORE you can now choose from many different columns to display, and you can reorder those columns.

new feature Ability to Choose a Different Assembly Item

The assembly item is the finished product that is being assembled can be changed by clicking the Edit button.  This is very helpful when cloning an assembly.


improvement Item Kits

Item Kits can be set to a $0 price.

improvement Manufacturers

The manufacturer screen has been completely revamped and modeled after the supplier screen.  You can now track more information on a manufacturer including their web site, logo, and for our FFL's out there you can enter and validate their FFL#. You can also choose what categories the manufacturer represents, and add a full HTML description.  You are welcome to guess why we did this... best answer submitted in the Send Us Feedback box will get a 💵  $100 Amazon Gift Card 💵, make sure you include your email address with your answer so we know who to send the card to (yes I'm just curious to see if I still have your attention).


improvement When Enable PDF Receipts is enabled under Store Config, then the PO and Receiving receipts will be emailed with a PDF attachment.


improvement Lifetime memberships will now show up in Blue and won't appear like they are expired.

fix Several fixes applied to improve and fix selling memberships in coreSTORE.


Synchronize your 4473 forms directly to a local drive, set it and forget it.  We now have a Windows Application and a Mac Application that can be installed on a local machine where you can now keep copies of all your 4473's.  Satisfying ATF requirements is now a breeze.

Watch the video to see how to download, install and setup.  Warning - there is NO SOUND with this video.  Make sure to maximize the video so you can watch all the details.  This video walks you through the process if you are on Windows.

Every Other Tuesday is coreSTORE Update Day

Welcome to our first Tuesday coreSTORE Update (it's still Tuesday on the West Coast), in short this means that in two weeks time we will have another update for you to view.  No surprise we are full of surprises and exciting updates, but let me firstshare a piece of news with you that is a bit alarming especially if you are using a PAX credit card terminal at your store. 

If you are and you purchased the units from Coreware, please let us know and we will make sure to get you upgraded to our new Equinox terminals that are not only better but the company is US Based and manufacturing is done in Canada and Malaysia.

Our shortest and most fun coreCAST yet, was filmed at the Powder Room in Panama Beach FL.  What an amazing range, and incredible hosts.   Please watch, like and don't forget SUBSCRIBE!

It's time to replace your Chimp with a real Ape!   coreILLA "The Mailchimp Killa", an email marketing platform that blows away the competition. Check out our "Quick Cast" where Joel Cheney and our new Director of Digital Marketing, Chris Pollitzer, talk about the soon-to-be industry standard email marketing platform: 


Contact: if you are interested!

If you are using the clear8500 or clear6200 Terminals, you can now prompt your customer and ask them if they would like to join the loyalty program and you can prompt them on the terminal and ask them for their Name, Phone Number, and Email Address!   Click the image below to learn more about these AMAZING devices.

You can enable these prompts from the Locations Screen (click the Merchant Processing tab at the top).

Sale Screen

exciting! improvement Major Interface Update

I never loved the section of the sales screen that shows the customer information. Why such a small font?  Why isn't it organized better?  Why can't I easily see if they have a waiver signed and what membership plans they are subscribed to?  Lot's of why's lead to lots of action.   We are super excited with this interface change that was designed by Glen, our super talented developer who is behind the tremendously powerful Buyer Assistant module.   This is just the beginning of cleaning up our sales interface even more.  You also may notice the subtle changes we have made to try to prevent you from having to scroll!  There is more coming, so stay tuned!

The colors on the membership buttons and waiver mean something:

RED - Expired
ORANGE - Expires within 30 days
GREEN - We are good

When you hover or click on the membership look what pops up:

We also moved some buttons around and made thing more intuitive.  I have no doubt you are going to really love the updated interface!

Learn more about it by watching our video:


Do not panic!!!!!  We simply renamed it to Fulfillment - seriously it makes a whole lot more sense, since this is the screen you use to fulfill orders (whether you deliver, ship or they are waiting for pickup).

exciting! Nothing Wrong with some extra speed!

As we strive to improve coreSTORE we continue to also work on performance improvements.   You should notice snapier screens in this update, and some of it should be pretty significant.  

new feature Price an Item with Taxes Included

You can now set a price of an item so that it includes the taxes, no need for a calculator.  So imagine you wanted to price an item at $100 and that includes the taxes on the item.  Easy, just click the item price and then click the Tax Included button (see screen shot).  coreSTORE will do the calculation for you, so it will reprice the item based on the assumption that the item with tax should total $100.

Inventory & Purchasing Enhancements

new feature Deactivate and Discontinue Items

You can now specify a date when an item is going to be discontinued.  When that date arrives the system will no longer allow you to sell that item.  You can also mark an item as inactive, which will allow you to sell the rest of your inventory but will prevent you from ordering/receiving more of that item.  Discontinued items will automatically be marked as inactive once there is no longer any stock of that item.

new feature Hide Payment Section on PO/Receiving Screen

There is now a configuration option under Purchasing/Receiving section in the store configuration to hide the payment section.  This will simply allow you to process a receiving transaction without having to choose a payment.  Makes a whole lot of sense if you are using an accounting system to process supplier invoices.

new feature Transfer Requests Alerts

When processing a transfer request the location receiving the request will get an alert. When the user clicks on the alert they will be taken to that specific transfer request.

new feature Discounts Don't Apply

There are times when you may want/need to prevent discounts from being applied to a specific item.  To accomplish this in the items screen we added a check box under the pricing tab: Discounts Don't Apply.  When this checkbox is checked, if a discount is given on the sale transaction it will not apply the discount to any item that has the option checked.  Keep in mind even price tiers do not apply when setting this option.

improvement Auto Refresh Price Check Screen

The price check screen will now auto refresh after 60 seconds and go back to the main screen.  Yes, we have a price check screen that can run off a tablet and sit anywhere in your store.  It's a fantastic feature!  If you need help setting this up, contact our incredible customer service staff.


improvement Item Summary Sales Report

We now show total discounts given in the Item Summary Sales Report.

 Navigation & Menus

improvement Menu Hover is Now Optional

Added a new configuration option under section Modules that allows you to enable automatically expanding the menus when the mouse hovers.  Myself and a couple of customers did not like the hover feature, so rather than removing it completely we decided to make it an optional setting.  Check the box to hover away!

Work Orders

new feature Repair Items Not Handled as Inventory Items

This is exciting, when adding a new work order from the work order screen, you can now simply describe your item without associating it to an actual inventory item (which makes a whole lot more sense).   The idea is that you are not forced to select an actual inventory item or add an item.  

For our gun stores, the system will still acquire the repair item if you check the box to create a bound book record.  

We will definitely record a video in the next few days to review the updated work order functionality.

ECommerce Integration

Added the ability to specify which location to import internet orders into which are not pickup orders (pickup orders will always be imported into the pickup location).

coreFORCE Integration

improvement Membership Options Better Organized

Rather than a long list of memberships, we now show the memberships by membership type.  If you only have one type then we automatically show all the memberships under that one type.  If you have multiple types then you can expand the different types.

Bound Book & 4473

new feature Print the FFL License with the Receipt

A new configuration option was added under the Bound Book Section:

When checked this option will show a button to print the stores FFL from the Receipt screen when selling an item that is in the bound book. Very handy if you are transferring a firearm to another FFL.

*Make sure you have a copy of your FFL loaded into the Locations Screen.

improvement Bound Book Report Enhancement

Added the sale id to the bound book report (invoice #).

improvement Receiving Firearms Must Have Supplier Specified

When receiving a firearm, the system will alert you if no supplier was selected.

improvement Open Transfers

When entering a firearms transfer, if the customer already has an open transfer, the system will alert the user to prevent them from adding a new transfer.

Have you Missed Us?????

Over a month no update?  Well that's actually not entirely true.  We have been releasing updates but have gone a month without letting you know about them.  As a growing company we have been busy at work and myself (Ezra Weinstein, CEO) seems like I have turned into a full time recruiter.  Our company has grown to over 40 amazing individuals.  

I personally love writing these updates and decided not to delegate this task, so I apologize. This update (assuming anyone reads it) is going to take a look back, it will look at the present release and give you a glimpse into the future. This will be a long one so make sure to grab your coreFFEINE, relax, watch and read(and if you don't have any coreFFEINE let us know and we will be glad to send you a bag).

Please make sure to click read more right below, if you don't see it just keep on scrolling down.

Our Mission

Let me take a moment to share our mission with you, we hope you enjoy this video, it speak to our ethos. I feel it's important these days to know who you are doing business with and what their purpose is.

Exciting New Customer Service Tools

As many of you know we are FANATICAL about providing great customer service. At the end of the day the best software out there is worthless without having great support.  

We have now added the ability for you to chat DIRECTLY with our customer service team and also for our Support Specialists to "hop" on your computer and see exactly what you are seeing with essentially one click of a button!  

Below is our latest coreCAST we are at 200 subscribers on our Youtube channel so please subscribe and like our videos.  This coreCAST is totally focused on our new customer service tools.  

If you don't feel like watching the whole video just click here to learn more about our new chat feature:

Feedback Site

Many of you know that we LISTEN.  A lot of new functionality that shows up in our products comes from customer feedback, suggestions and requests.  As we have grown the number of suggestions keeps growing to the point where it has become a bit challenging to keep track of, and it tough sometimes to decide how important a request might be.  Well we have published a site that will allow our Coreware community to vote for features, this will help us determine what features to focus on and how to prioritize them.  So take the time not just to make a request or suggestion but make sure to read through all the requests and upvote any of them that you think would be beneficial to you.

You can access the feedback site directly from coreSTORE by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen.  If you are not watching our entire video above, you can click here to jump right to the discussion about our feedback site.

Buyer Assistant Module

We have mentioned before, and some of you have seen our Advanced Purchasing module, well we have rebranded it and now it shall be known as our Buyer Assistant Module. Why the name change?  Because in our opinion this new feature is not an advanced feature, but a necessary feature for every retailer to use and we don't want you to shy away from it because it's called "advanced".   Click below to view a video that will walk you through the main features and  benefits of this new module.


Inventory Enhancements

improvement Location Specific Price and Cost

You can now choose to see the location specific price and cost in the items screen if you have different prices/costs set for different locations.

new feature Search for an Item by Serial Number

You can now search for an item by scanning or typing the serial number in the items screen (this already can be done in the sales screen, now you can perform the same search in the items screen).

new feature Bulk Price Update for Serialized Items

If you have serialized items and you price the items individually, you can now update the prices of the items in bulk by applying a % markup to all the items.

new feature Update Multiple Items at Once from the Web Site

When selecting one or more items in the item screen you can now update all the items at once from your web site.

improvement Assemblies Enhancements and Tutorial

We added the ability to clone an assembly and also added costs and totals to the assembly screen.  Watch this video to learn all about assemblies.

new feature Default Category to Hide/Show on Grid

Added a new store configuration option: New Category Defaults To Show On Gridthis will determine when setting up a new category whether it will default to show the category on the grid.

Sales Screen

new feature Text Receipt Button (SMS)

Added a button to the receipt preview screen to SMS (text) the receipt to the customer.

Customer Improvements

new feature Search By Drives License Number

You can now search for customers in the customer screen by drivers license number.

new feature Suffix

We added Suffix to the customer screen so users can separate out the suffix field. For our firearm dealers this enhancement was also added to the Bound Book module as well.

Purchasing/Receiving and Transfer Improvements

improvement Transfer In Improvement

When transferring items into a location the system will show any open orders that have the item being transferred.

Precious Metals

You can now price items based on current precious metal pricing.  Currently you can select Gold, Palladium, Platinum or Silver.   When an item is set to a precious metal price.  Learn more by watching the video below.

Work Order Modifications

improvement Added costs and a total to the Parts & Labor section.

Bound Book and Firearm Transfers

improvement Firearms Transfers

You can now lookup items by UPC, add transfers from multiple FFL's on one transfer and add a new FFL without losing your spot.

Watch our latest video on FFL Transfers to learn more.

new feature Create Work Order from Bound Book Entry

You can now create a work order directly from a bound book entry.

new feature Create 4473 On Sale Completion

You can now choose based on suspended transaction type when to create the 4473 (at time you suspend or at the time you complete the sale).   This feature is handy if you don't want to create the 4473 record immediately when suspending a transaction.  You can set the option under Store Config under the Suspended Sales/Layaways section. By default the system creates the 4473 record once the transaction is suspended.

new feature Serial Count Error Sound

When performing a serialized count you can specify a sound to sell if the system cannot the serial number that was scanned. Make sure to select a small audio file that is in MP3 or WAV format.

improvement Concealed Handgun Permit

Added a new License Type: Conceal Handgun Permit in the Bound Book Acquisition and Disposition screens.

coreFORCE Integration

improvement Customer Custom Fields

Customer custom field values will be transmitted to coreFORCE as long as the custom fields share the same name.


improvement Customer Summary Sales Report
The customer summary sales report can now be sorted by the total amount and it will sort the entire report not just the page you are on.

new feature Detailed Sales Search Report 

You can now show sales based on a specific selling price (under custom reports).

You can also filter by customer state or gender.

improvement Receiving Report

Added the ability exclude transfers from the receiving report.

improvement Sales Reports Show markup

Both the sales detail and sales summary reports will now show the markup % not just profit %.  If you want to know the difference well here is  a brief explanation:

Profit Margin

Profit margin refers to the revenue a company makes after paying COGS. The profit margin is calculated by taking revenue minus the cost of goods sold. However, the difference is shown as a percentage of revenue. The percentage of revenue that is gross profit is found by dividing the gross profit by revenue. For example, if a company sells a product for $100 and it costs $70 to manufacture the product, its margin is $30. The profit margin, stated as a percentage, is 30% (calculated as the margin divided by sales).


Markup shows how much more a company's selling price is than the amount the item costs the company. In general, the higher the markup, the more revenue a company makes. Markup is the retail price for a product minus its cost, but the margin percentage is calculated differently. In our earlier example, the markup is the same as gross profit (or $30), because the revenue was $100 and costs were $70. However, markup percentage is shown as a percentage of costs, as opposed to a percentage of revenue.


Lots of bug fixes and minor annoyances addressed.  I  will leave it at that 😀, otherwise this What's New will never see the light of day.

The Cart Before the Horse

Did anyone notice we released an update on Monday but there was no announcement????  Make sure to click the Read More below if you want to read up on all the details, but first lets talk about videos! 

In this latest episode of coreCAST we try not to poke too much fun at Mr. Bezos and fail horribly in our attempt, we double down on our love for all things Elon Musk, we discuss Apple's play on privacy, and we give you a few great nuggets from coreSTORE and coreFORCE

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And in honor of our next coreCAST we decided to publish this teaser which gave someone a chance to win a $600+ computer!  If you are not subscribed to our YouTube channel, you are truly missing out on some great entertainment (ok "great" might be stretching it) and some pretty darn good giveaways.

Congrats to Chris Ray from Winchester Gallery in Fort Worth Texas for winning this AMAZING new HP Chromebase!  It's a nearly perfect 4473 Kiosk!

Where are the serial numbers? DO NOT PANIC!

improvement The serial numbers in the items screen have moved to their own spot.  We felt it was tiem to treat them with the proper respect they deserve, so rather than scrolling all the way down to see the serial numbers, you can just click the Serial Numbes tab.


exciting! You can now choose whether a Layaway transaction should deduct or commit inventory.  Although to many of you this may not seem like it should be a choice, we prefer allowing the business owner to decide how to run their business.  To change the behavior go to Store Config and jump to the Suspended Sales section. You can change the behavior of the layaway.


Receiving and Transfers

new feature Item Tags can now be displayed when receiving an item.  To enable this feature make sure to check the Show Item Tags checkbox in Store Config under the Purchase 

new feature Inventory Transfer Requests can now be entered.  If you own multiple stores, you can now enter a Transfer Request which allows one store to request inventory from another store.  This transaction does not affect inventory in any way (it's like a quote).

Item Screen

new feature You can now add the Margin and Margin % columns to the items screen.

Fulfillment Sheets

improvement Location at Store field has now been added to the fulfillment sheets.


exciting! Payment By Day Report

Sometimes a picture speaks 1000 words, so click on the image below to see the new Payment By Day report which you will find in the Reports/Payments section, this will be for sure a fan favorite!

new feature  Custom Fields

The Custom Sales report will now allow you to select a customer custom field as one of the report criteria.

improvement Item Sales Summary Report

Added the ability to add a list of items to report on.  The list can be either item id's or UPC Codes.

Bound Book

improvement Disposition tab and Dialog: Added instructional text under the 'Dispose 4473 Transaction' field to explain what it is.

improvement Disposition tab and Dialog: Automatically insert the 4473 Transaction ID if we can determine that the bound book item is on a 4473, otherwise we enter 'n/a' into that field.        

improvement Added instructional text under the 'Dispose 4473 Transaction' field to explain what it is.

improvement Modal Disposition dialog (from clicking Dispose in main Bound Book screen):         

Bug Fixes

fix Layaways created online were not always importing the correct amount due.  This has been fixed.

fix Unsuspending a sale transaction was unchecking the send sms option.

fix On the sales screen when you add the amount and then change the payment type, the amount was being removed.

fix The 4473 QR code was not showing on emailed receipts.

fix When adding a new firearms to a firearm transfer the system was not automatically going back to the transfer screen.

fix Scanning a bar code in the sales screen would sometimes still bring up multiple results even though an exact match could be found.

fix Enhanced message when age verification was not met.

fix  4473 where gun types that contained a quote mark would cause JavaScript errors when trying to load Section A.    

fix  The 'Dispose 4473 Transaction ID' being mandatory was causing issues with some FFL's.

fix On the h3310 the 'sold date' was showing as the 'Transfer Date' on the form, instead of the disposition date. (Note that this was only for screen display; the PDF generation was using the disposition date correctly.)           

First Update in August!

Before we talk updates lets just talk about our YouTube channel.   Not sure it's worth watching the whole cast unless you are super bored, but a few golden nuggets in can be found in the cast where we go through some coreSTORE features (If you expand the description of the video there is a list of bookmarks which allow you to skip to the content that interests you), but if by some odd chance you are interested in some unfiltered political rhetoric, crypto or even aliens then watch the entire video.

Click below on the Read More Link to read the details of this update.


exciting! new feature Quantity Units Support

When setting up items you can now specify various units of measure and receive and/or sell by different units of measure.  For example you may receive and stock items by the case, but sell them by the case, by the box or by each.  

Another example of this is you might sell a beverage as a single, 6 pack and 12 pack. In this case you would have quantity unit variations of 6 and 12. 

You can even attach an item number to a specific variation so it can be scanned easily. In addition to this you can define cost price, unit price, and promo prices for each variation as well as Inventory quantity, Reorder Levels, and Replenish Amounts.

Different units of measure can even have different bar codes associated with them. To add Quantity Units for any item, click the Variation tab and add the additional quantity units that you want to define.

On the sales screen and receiving screen you can change the unit of measure being sold/received:

Sale Screen

new feature Added the ability to require capturing the customer's email address and/or phone number. You can set those as required in the Store Configuration:

new feature Added a new security option to allow employees to see inventory from ALL locations even if they have access to just one location.  When this option is checked if you click the item link in the sales screen, it will show the quantities in all locations.


improvement Search suppliers is now case insensitive.

Purchase Order

new feature exciting! Early Look

We have added an advanced purchasing feature to provide a much more streamlined way to have the system generate purchase orders.  We plan on publishing a video on this in the near future, but in the meantime if you feel brave you can try it out. In the PO & Receiving screen you can click the ... menu and see a new menu option that has the word beta in front of it.

Firearm FFL Transfers

improvement You can now add new firearms to an existing transfer.  If the firearm comes from a second or third FFL, you can still add it to the transfer, but make sure to edit the bound book acquisition information.  Just click the Edit button to add firearms to an existing transfer.


new feature You can now upload a picture of a receipt to an expense.


new feature exciting! Sales Summary By Interval

This report will help you analyze how much activity you have during specific periods of time, you can even break it down by day of the week which is a tremendous tool that will help you better schedule your labor

Super powerful!

improvement Payment Graphical Report will now sum the gift card payments rather than showing them individually.


improvement Modified Disposition Info page to require Dispose 4473 Transaction and Disposition Date for individuals when trying to dispose to prevent issues with 3310 generation, etc.    

improvement Modified multiple disposition popup window to require Dispose 4473 Transaction for individuals 4473

improvement 3310 - Added instructional text under Forwarding Info so FFLs would know how to set it up for automatic insertion.    

improvement  Added additional indexes to 3310 tables to speed up Manage 4473 display

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with PO Import
  • What's new banner should no longer print on receipts
  • When adding a new customer or FFL the user will be properly returned to the transfer screen. 
  • Firearms from other locations with the same Boundbook ID were showing up on 3310 forms.
  • When trying to create a 3310 from a 4473 where the firearms were not linked by the dispose_4473_transaction field, would exit and not display a dialog as to why it didn't work.    
  • The same firearm could appear twice on the same 3310.  
  • Disposed guns would sometimes show up in the serial count screen (in the serial number drop down)
  • FINALLY fixed main code that was causing firearms that had been disposed a long time ago, then re-acquired, sold, and re-disposed from appearing on a 3310.

Another Update and this is a Big One

exciting! We hope you all had a very happy 4th of July.  We've been busy (as always) for the last few weeks working on various new features, improvements and of course bug fixes. What would software be without those pesky bugs🐛

First things first, though, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you will receive new tutorial updates for both coreFORCE AND coreSTORE . We will also post replays of any webinars that we host here and perhaps the most entertaining industry podcast around: coreCAST

new video Check out our latest episode, Episode 2 for fun discussion on Coffee, Crypto, Aliens, and an overview of new updates. Additionally, make sure to comment for a chance to win another bag of coreFFEINE!


exciting! new feature Automated Closing Report Delivered Daily to your Mailbox

You can now receive a daily sales report for your store.  Head over to the Locations screen and enter the email address and time you would like to receive the report.

new feature Edit Sales Tax By Line Item

During a sale you can now override the default taxes associated with any given line item. Including the ability to remove taxes from a specific line item.

new feature Default Margin by Category

You can now specify a default margin/markup percent by category.

new feature Price Check Screen

We have had a couple of dealers that asked us to design a price check screen that can be used by their customers.   Here is a view of it:

We added a new security option so you can setup a user that only has access to the Price Check functionality which would allow you to setup a screen on the floor for customers to use without worrying about them accessing your system.

improvement Receiving Screen

When receiving from a previously created purchase order, we now clearly show the quantity that was on the original order, and how many have been received to date.


new feature Split the Bill

You now can optionally show buttons to split the payment by a quarter, third or half. To enable this option click on your Store Config, under Payment Types you will see a new check box: Enable Split Payment Buttons.   This will allow you to easily split the payment among multiple people (unless you have more than 4):

new feature Assemblies

Different from item kits, an assembly is an item you are "building", which has components in it. If you are a manufacturer you are familiar with the term "Bill of Materials", well this is what we now have.  You an define an assembly (the finished good), and specify what components/items make up the assembly.  You can then build assemblies and the system will properly deduct the components from inventory and add the quantity that was built of finished assemblies.  This all probably sounds a bit complex and if it wasn't 1:30AM, and I wasn't a major sugar high, I would record a video.  So I will promise you this - A VIDEO IS COMING!  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

In the meantime here is a screen shot of the Assemblies screen.

new feature Default Mailing List

You can now specify one more default mailing lists to add a customer to when adding a new customer.  This is for Mailchimp users, but will also apply to coreILLA - The Mailchimp KILLA!  COMING SOON!!!!!!

GENERAL improvementS 

  • Clicking the customer name will now default to show ALL TRANSACTIONS when viewing the customer's history.
  • Added a new security option for Selling Gift Cards, if a user only has this permission then all they can do is sell a gift card on the sales screen and will have no access to manage the gift cards in the gift card management screen.  This is an important security update.
  • When selecting which Tags you want to show in the Inventory Summary By Category Report, the selected tags will also show up in the Excel.
  • Added the ability to import/export the override tax field when importing/exporting items. 
  • Added the markup and margin fields to the Items Import feature.

EXCITING! Firearm Transfers a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

We now have a streamlined method of entering a firearm transfer from another FFL. This is something that many of you have requested.  In this case I think a video is best way to showcase this new feature!  Let us know if you are excited about this feature, because we absolutely are.


new feature You can now email a copy of your FFL License.   To load your license visit the Location screen, there is a new option to upload your FFL License.  Once it's uploaded you can click the new menu option in the bound book.

new feature You can now designate inventory types that SHOULD NOT create a bound book record even if the item is serialized.  This is a great feature if you want to track your  optics by serial number but don't want to create a separate bound book for those.

new feature If there's no NICS response within 3 days (causing you to pick "NR" for Section C/Q.27d), the NICS Result bubble on the Manage 4473 screen will be displayed with double-asterisks (**). 

Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is unset: show "PROCEED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "PROCEED": show" PROCEED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "DENIED": show "DENIED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "CANCELED": show "CANCELED**"  

improvement Added the ability to specify a waiting period by location, for customers who have stores in multiple states.

improvement Added a configuration option to prompt for password, if the waiting period is enabled.

improvement Modified Section E #33 to allow for a shortened FFL (X-XX-XXXXX) Number to appear instead of the full number by supporting the new "Use short FFL" store config option.

improvement Enhanced the left bound book menu to provide quicker access to the Manage and Fill Out 4473 screen.

bug fixes 

  • Customer last names that contained an apostrophe were showing up truncated on the 3310 form.     
  • Filing out 4473s manually was not getting firearms displaying on the 3310 PDF form.
  • Fixed bug where canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

GENERAL bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with entering a range of serial numbers containing a 0 at the start of the serial number.
  • ECommerce manual sync (which you shouldn't have to run very often, if ever) will now properly assign the ECommerce ID to the item.
  • Fixed an issue when updating item information from the online catalog.
  • Fee based items were not calculating the price of the item when adding the item from the button grid.
  • When doing a batch receiving, the lookup of UPC codes was not properly working, this is now fixed.

No More Delays - It's Time for an Update!

I hate starting this update not talking about the update, but some things in life are far more important.   Our friends at Ammoready need your help.  Eric Austin has a daughter who is only 3 years old and recently diagnosed with an extremely rare and terminal disease.  

There are many good causes out there, but this one truly hits close to home and the only way I can think of helping is letting all of you know about it, in the hopes of helping raise money that can be used to find a cure.   Give us a shout out here if you make a donation or even share the link on your own social media, we will ship you over some of our newest coreFFEINE, we have new bags with even better beans!  And thank you in advance with whatever you can do, even if it's just raising awareness.

Click Read More (if you see the link, otherwise just keep scrolling) to learn all about this update.

This update has been in the works for the last three weeks.  Lots of small gems with many driven by your requests. There is a lot of great things coming soon, some of what you will see here are stepping stones and clues to what's coming!

Store Config

exciting! A fresh new look to the Store Config screen.  Makes it a WHOLE lot easier to navigate and less intimidating (at least we think so).  Lets us know what you think!


improvement Checkout our new updated Inventory Print List.

What's really exciting is that it will give you a preview to something we have been promising for months, which is a new reporting engine.   Checkout all the great features and let us know what you think.  We plan to start rolling out more reports using this engine and at some point we you may be able to build your own reports!

improvement Updated Location Information when you click Location in the Items screen.  Try it even if you only have one store, there is some valuable information that you can see for every item you sell.   This is just the start - MUCH more to come!

Sale Screen

improvement For our coreFORCE customers, if your customer/member has a waiver signed, this will show up on the Sales Screen along with an expiration date if you have defined one.

improvement Added the customer's middle name to the display if they have one.


improvement Added the ECommerce Contact Id to the customer export.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

improvement Added a field to track the creation date of a PO or Receiving transaction.

Work Orders

improvement Work order receipt will now include any payments that were made.


new feature When entering an expense you can now select the customer or supplier the expense is related to and this will also show on the expense report.

Bug Fixes

fix Item kits rounding off incorrectly and ringing up at the wrong price.

fix Tip screen was showing up after payment made in certain circumstances.

fix Fixed the left menu Inventory menu to be more consistent and not just collapse at random times.

fix When changing an item price to $0, a discount amount was showing on the receipt.

fix Fixed the delivery screen when the user completes the delivery the status will change to picked up.

fix Items setup in the button grid which were set as either a % of subtotal or % of previous item were not calculating the price when adding the item from the button grid.

fix When searching by FFL number in Suppliers, a dropdown appears, but clicking on it or selecting search does not actually bring up the FFL.

fix Transfer in transaction was adding wrong acquisition location information.

fix Fixed issue with cash out transactions not showing totals properly if the "cash" taken out was a check.

fix When Always Minimize Left Side Bar Menu is not selected there were menu options that were still minimizing. 

Bound Book & 4473

improvement Changed the Bound Book Acquisition information so license is not required, since it's not required by the ATF.

exciting! Manage 4473 Enhancements!!!!

improvement Combined "4473 Date" and "Date Certified" into single column         

improvement Simplified "Sections" columns to make room for new "3310" column (roll over section letters to see their purpose)         

new feature Added new "3310" column which shows one of four states:

  1. If no 3310 is needed for a given 4473, it shows "--".
  2. If a 3310 form needs to be filled out, it shows a yellow/orange alert triangle           Clicking on the alert triangle will open a new 3310 form, ready to be filled out.      
  3. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, but has not been emailed, it shows the   3310 record ID number in a green box.  Clicking on the green box will open the associated 3310 form             
  4. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, and has already been emailed, it shows the 3310 record ID number in a blue box with a letter icon.  Clicking on the blue box will open the associated 3310 form.  Mousing over the blue box will show the date/time it was emailed.

fix canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

fix Fixed on hand reconciliation between the bound book module and inventory.

fix Fixed bug in Section B where birth countries that contains an apostrophe were saving improperly. 

fix Fixed bug where duplicate firearms could appear on a 3310. 

fix Fixed bug where 3310s were sometimes not generating properly when doing manual 4473s. 

fix Fixed bugs that could cause 3310 alerts not to be generated when disposing of firearms using pending dispositions.


We will be releasing a full coreSTORE update Tuesday night, but if you are waiting for an updated plug-in for the NICS check, the wait is over.  We have updated our Chrome extension which you can download directly from the 4473 screen.

installation instructions can be found here:

Make sure to uninstall the existing version of the plug-in.  Quick video showing the updated plug-in in action.

If you have any questions please submit a ticket at:

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