Happy New Year - 2023 Here We Come 🎉🥳🎉!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year.   We are done with our code freeze and now it's time for an update.  It's going to be an exciting year and we have lots of exciting developments.  Before we delve into the updates, there are a few announcements to make.

Shot Show is coming up next week and we hope to see you there.   Stop by to get some coreFFEINE, talk to our team, learn about new products and get some really cool patches.  We will be in the Caesar's Forum at booth #72627.

Our customer appreciation dinner is being held Thursday January 19th in Vegas between 7:00PM and 9:00PM.  There are a few spots open (but not many).   If you haven't RSVP'd, please click on the image below.  We hope to see you there.

Update Time

exciting! Subscriptions

Do you offer any memberships in your retail store? You can now set up subscription items in coreSTORE and sell them at the register.   Selling subscription items requires coreCLEAR, and the feature needs to be activated by our support team.  Please submit a support ticket if you would like this feature activated.

new feature Use Serial Number Cost

For serialized items, by default coreSTORE uses the actual cost of the individual serial number.  A new configuration option under Company Settings->Sales has been added to let you choose whether the cost should be pulled from the individual serial number or pulled based on average cost or standard cost depending on how you have the inventory costing set.

new feature Cancel Order Fulfillment Status

When managing fulfillment statuses, you can now choose to cancel an order when a specific status is assigned.

Check the Cancel Order box to cancel the order.

improvement Data Imports

All data imports have been improved to allow large data sets to be imported without needing to break apart the import into smaller files.   A progress bar has been added to show the status of the import.

improvement Buyer Assistant New Criteria

If you are not using the Buyer Assistant to better manage your inventory, we highly recommend using it. In this latest update, we added the ability to limit the criteria to show items that are currently in special orders.  If you are connected to any distributors, the Buyer Assistant will show what special orders need to be fulfilled along with the item availability in local inventory and distributor inventory.

improvement Buyer Assistant Show Last Year's Sales

In addition to Last Year to Date Sales the Buyer Assistant will now also display the total sales for last year for any item.  This will help plan out the year ahead better.

improvement Buyer Assistant Variations

Item variations will now show all the variations of an item (so will the Transfer Assistant, see below).

improvement Payment Portal Improvement

If you are a coreCLEAR customer, your customers can easily pay you online for layaways, open orders, and open invoices.   The Payment Portal can easily now be set up to use the merchant credentials from coreSTORE.  If you have multiple locations, the online payment will use the merchant credentials for each location.

new feature Open Special Order Report

Under Reports->Sales a new open special report has been added which will allow you to print the open special orders.

new feature Transfer Assistant

Similar to the Buyer Assistant module the Transfer Assistant module allows you to better manage your multi-location inventory, and help determine what items need to be transferred from your warehouse to your stores.  

Important The transfer assistant needs to be turned on by our support staff. If you would like to use the Transfer Assistant, please submit a request via our help desk - https://help.coreware.com.

new feature Fractional Quantities

A new Company Setting has been added to allow fractional quantities.  This is off by default, so if you need to use fractional quantities make sure to turn this setting on first.

new feature Force Login By Register

Currently, there is a Company Setting - "Require Employee Login Before Each Sale ", this forces the user to log in before each sale transaction, which is helpful if you have multiple users on the same register.   

We have now added a feature in the Locations screen that allows you to set that option by register.  This is helpful when you don't want all the registers to force a log in before each sale.

improvement Brand Management

In addition to tracking the manufacturer of a product, you can track the brand of a product.  Previously there was a constraint on the brands that required the brand to exist in the manufacturer table, this constraint has been removed.  You can also now merge brands (like you merge manufacturers).

coreFORCE & coreFIRE Related Changes:

new feature Item Variants integration with coreFORCE and coreFIRE

If you use item variants in coreSTORE (for tracking apparel or other variations), you can now transmit item variants to your website.   Item variants created in coreSTORE will properly be created in coreFORCE and coreFIRE so instead of individual products the user can quickly select the variation they want (for example showing a drop down for size and color).

new feature FFL Update

Updating an FFL in an order in coreFORCE/coreFIRE will be reflected in coreSTORE. 

Miss us? - Come Catch Up on Exciting coreFORCE Updates!

To many, it might not mean much.


To us, it means more than you know.

Thank you for your service.

coreFORCE new features exciting!


Okay, we know we've been a bit MIA on the coreFORCE updates; MIA, but not AWOL. Our team has been hard at work the last few months to bring you HUGE system performance improvements, feature requests, and all sorts of other goodies (just in time for Halloween 🎃 and the holiday season).

To begin, I think it is worth mentioning that while we were experiencing some server issues a few weeks ago, we dug down and used this as an opportunity to do some key enhancements to improve things such as backend maintenance speeds, overall system stability, and laying the groundwork for future exciting updates. We are confident that we came out of the other side of this stronger and more resilient than ever.


We cannot express how much we appreciate every single one of you. We know that our success is completely dependent on YOUR success and we sincerely want you to succeed and use our software to help you crush your goals. 

To help you with these goals, it is important that we update you on some of the things we've been doing so you have as many tools to succeed as possible. After all, it's difficult to use tools 🔨  when you don't even know they exist!

Soooo What's New? new features 



important announcement

As a data aggregator, and not a distributor, we have decided to primarily update MAP prices from distributors that we trust in a ranked order. As we have reviewed MAP, we have determined that MAP prices are a mess because of dirty data from only a few of the distributors. 

After some careful investigation by our team, we have determined which distributors appear to be the best and most consistent sources of keeping MAP up to date. These distributors will have precedence over others where there are conflicts. We will still use MAP pricing from a distributor if the distributor is the only one to carry that product.

A major caveat of this, is that we will be much more reliant on distributors to fix MAP prices when the prices are incorrect. However, Manufacturer MAP uploads and Client changes to MAP now "stick" for 6 months before being overwritten by distributor MAP prices. This should give the distributors time to properly update those. Formerly, updates to MAP were relatively permanent until they were updated again. 

As a dealer, you are ultimately responsible for staying up to date on all MAP policies. There are things you can do to work around the MAP price being wrong, thereby preventing yourself from being placed on a do not sell list. Some options include setting different MAP policies in the manufacturer record, setting a minimum sale price on the products in question, or marking the manufacturer record as "Cannot Sell" (hides the product and removes the product from the site map until the corrections have been made).

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a ticket at help.coreware.com.

exciting! new feature Add Multiple of the Same Product with DIFFERENT addons!

This is an exciting release that has been requested by several of our dealers!

When orders come in for the same product with different addons, these will be split up as different line items in the orders dashboard with the addons listed directly below the item description.

Note that enabling this feature WILL require changes by Coreware staff to your template. If this is a feature you would like to enable, please let us know with a ticket at help.coreware.com.

improvement Reordering products (Buy Now from customer's Order History Page) now works with all Product Addons. 

improvement Extra Data Added to Orders Income Report: 

Example Demo Store Test Data

new feature FFL's can now receive a separate email (instead of a copy of the confirmation email) when orders are placed to be picked up at their store  

The default functionality is that the FFL will not receive an email. There has always been a way to send a copy of the confirmation email. The benefit of this email, instead, is that it does not need to include the price that you sold it for.

To create this email, you will need to create an email (Contacts > Email > Emails) with the code "RETAIL_STORE_ORDER_CONFIRMATION_FOR_FFL"

new feature Restrict Shipping Charge to Postal Codes  

You can now restrict your shipping charges by postal codes.

To do this, you will still select "United States" and then the corresponding postal code(s) that this shipping charge will be for. 

In the following example, these are all Colorado postal codes. If I were to add another line that said "United States" and then had "Colorado" selected for the state with NO postal codes on that line, this shipping charge would still apply to all of Colorado as this would override the specified postal codes:

New Shipping Dialogue new feature 

There is now a gear icon to the right of the "Create Shipment" button where all of the options for creating shipments have been condensed into a single dialogue box. You can choose to automatically open this dialogue whenever you are creating a shipment if you would like to. 

new feature Contact Identifiers can now include an image of the ID 

With this, you can make it easier to users to upload their military IDs, Driver's License, etc. directly via their My Account pages. Need to check their ID for validity? Simply go to the contact record (Contacts > Contacts), go to the details tab, and scroll to the bottom where you can see all of the custom contact identifiers. 

These images are not being sent to coreSTORE via our contact identifier integration at this point in time.

But really, you can upload any image (or gif if you feel inclined). That part isn't a joke 😉.

Gunbroker Product Listing now has a button to show past Gunbroker orders for that product NEW FEATURE 

This was requested by several Gunbroker users. This should help you see at a glance some of your more popular Gunbroker sellers and also help you manage what products are going where.

Product that are tagged as "Make Offer" can now have an auto accept and auto reject price improvement 

First, you will need to create the product tag if you have not already. There is a preset value for this, to make things easier:

Curio & Relic (C&R) License is now supported new feature 

Extra Information - https://www.atf.gov/firearms/curios-relics

Quick Summary

Having this license will mean that the customer can have C&R products shipped directly to their house instead of to an FFL. 

Setting it Up

1) In order to properly categorize and list these products, you will want to create a product category to place these items in. It may be good to add a detailed description to the product category so that customers will know that there are restrictions on these items.

2) You will also need to create a Custom Field for the license expiration date for customers with this license and create a contact category for these customers (contacts > settings > categories). You will need to add the date to the customer's contact record after verifying their license and tag the customer with the contact category.

3) Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will need to create a product tag with the code "CR_REQUIRED." This product tag works exactly like FFL_REQUIRED. Typically, C&R products would have both of these product tags.

Detailed Overview and Summary

In order for a user to purchase C&R product without needing to send them to an FFL dealer, they need to have a valid C&R License on file. The dealer indicates this by putting the user into a Contact Category with code "CR_LICENSE_ON_FILE" AND setting a Contact Custom field with code CR_LICENSE_ON_FILE_EXPIRATION_DATE to a date in the future. If NO date is set, or the date is prior to today or the user does not have the contact category on their contact, they will have to choose an FFL.

If they meet ALL those conditions, it means they have a valid C&R License on file and if their cart ONLY has C&R products, NO class 3 or FFL required products, they have have the order shipped to their house 

Product Category

You will likely want to add this product category to the "Firearms" department.

Custom Field

Contact Category

Setting the Data for the Contact

You will set the expiration date custom field in the contact record under the "Custom" tab. 

If you're still reading this, I would say that makes you a detailed individual and we want YOUR detailed feedback!

Did you know that coreFORCE has its own forum for Feature Requests at help.coreware.com? Simply follow this link to let us know about any improvements to the system that would make this platform even better!

We will generally give more weight to feature requests that have a lot of interaction and interest from other dealers, so if you see something you agree with, make sure you are "liking" it and adding a comment about how that feature request would help you operate your business more effectively.

Change Can Be Good - We Promise!

New Help Desk and Chat Tools

Carrie Despaux walks you through our new help desk system which we are very excited about, and hopefully, you are too.  Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, we are going to be publishing more videos in this last quarter of the year.


Yes I am shouting because that might be what you are doing, but PLEASE do not panic, all the menus are still there.  As you may have seen there is a nice tour that shows you how to navigate around.   Not much has changed but it was time to put things in a more logical order and quite frankly the accordion-style menus were a bit of a  pain, It was time to rip that band-aid off!

Store Config is No Longer Store Config!

Take a deep breath - it's now called SETTINGS.  And yes it's more streamlined and looks FANTASTIC.  At least we think it does but I'm pretty sure you will too.

Guided Tours - Help When You Need It

We only have two so far, but we plan on many more over the next few months, so keep an eye out for the big question mark, and don't be afraid to click it!

Leave Feedback

Ideas, New Feature Requests? Leave us feedback or vote on existing requests.  This is where some great ideas originate and the more votes that an idea has the more attention we will give it.

Sale Screen

Fulfill the entire order with one click
If you enter special orders then this might be a good time saver for you! We have now made the column header Qty To Fulfill clickable.  So when you are fulfilling an order which has many line items, you can click the magic link and it will default all the quantities to fulfill to the quantity that was ordered.  Very convenient!

Edit Sales
When editing a sales transaction you can now change the salesperson.

Require Login Option By Register
You can now set each register to require login after every sale.  This is useful if you want only specific registers to require login after each sale.  Visit the Locations screen to see this new setting:

Button Font Size
You can now change the font size of the text that shows up on the Sale Screen buttons (referred to as our grid). Visit the Settings screen under Company  and click the Grid Options.  You can modify several options when it comes to the buttons on the sales screen.

Company & Locations

Taxes & Fees

Set up location-specific taxes, or create special fees and/or taxes based on either the category of an item or an item tag.  In the screenshot below we demonstrate how to set up an automatic background check fee, anytime someone purchases an item from the Firearms category.  Click the screenshot below to see an expanded view, good for us old folks that are fighting the need for reading glasses.


Price Rule Enhancements
You can now specify the number of days between uses of a coupon.  For example, if you wanted to limit the use of a coupon to each customer to every 30 days.  

Location Totals
When looking at an item the locations tab will now show total stats for all locations combined.

Category Screen Enhancement
We now show you the number of items under each category.  This is helpful to see, so you can easily manage your categories.

Work Orders

Work Order Notes
You can now enter Notes on the Work Order and separate notes on the item that is being Repaired.


Work Order Technician Report
We added a new reporting section for our work order module and the first report added to that section is the Work Order Technician Report.  Make sure to scroll all the way down to see this new report section, it's WAY BELOW!  More work order reports will follow.

Search by Serial Number
You can now search for work orders based on the serial number.  This is convenient if you have a repair item that you are not sure which work order it belongs to (work order tag fell off).

Purchasing & Receiving

You can now enter a discount on purchase orders and/or receiving transactions.  Discount all line items by a % or discount the entire transaction by a whole amount.

Bound Book & 4473

Bound Book Report Enhancement
You can now choose to print the oldest record first or the oldest record last in the bound book report.

Bound Book Serial Count Enhancement
Added additional columns to the serial count screen to show the caliber, model and manufacturer to more easily identify the serial numbers being counted. Also added these columns to the Not Counted screen.

Destroyed Firearms
Added the ability to mark a firearm as destroyed.

coreSTORE Update


A month since the last update and we have been BUSY!   Over 80 tasks ranging in effort, the Coreware team has been hard at work, we hope you enjoy this latest update.  

Less words and more videos will be the goal of this post.  Make sure to click READ MORE there are a lot of updates, new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Sale Order Processing

new feature You can now fulfill part of an order and leave it open to fulfill the rest at a later date.  To learn more watch the video.

new feature exciting! There are several new features when it comes to order fulfillment, including the ability to allocate inventory to orders.  I'll be making some more videos this coming week, so PLEASE subscribe to our channel.

Click Right Here to Subscribe Now

new feature There is a new store configuration option available that allows you to default Easypost to default to signature or adult signature.

new feature If you have multiple locations you can now transfer orders between locations.

Inventory Improvements

new feature Quickly set your Reorder points and Replenishment Points (mins and maxes) for all locations.

Shipping History

When pulling up a sales order on the sales screen you can now see the full shipment history of an order.  

Customer New Features

new feature A new security option added under the customer section that lets you specify whether the employee can change a customer's price tier.

new feature Added the ability to flag a customer as do not serve.  Watch the video for more information and please subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

new feature Customer and Sale Order Tags. Watch the video to learn how to setup these tags.

Bound Book & 4473

new feature exciting! You can now search for an FFL by Name and Zip Code or just Zip Code.  This is a fantastic feature.  You will see a new button Search for FFL on various screens.

new feature exciting! We have added several features to simplify, streamline and improve the process of selling firearms.  if you own a gun store PLEASE watch this video and PLEASE let us know if you need help switching to our new interface.

new feature You can now process multiple sales orders into a single 4473.  Another good video to watch.

new feature Prevent a Sale from being completed without a 4473. Watch the video to learn more.

new feature Lets spice up that 4473 kiosk.  Watch this video to learn how to customize the 4473 kiosk.

new feature Under Bound Book reports we added a new 4473 report.

new feature You can now transfer Firearm transfers to a different location.   This is done in the firearm transfer screen.  You can transfer multiple transfers at once.

new feature You can setup different waiting periods by location and by firearm type.


announcement We haven't forgotten, but boy do we have a lot to catch up on!  

With so much to catch up on, we'll probably break things up a bit over the next few weeks. Some of these features, you may already be aware of, others might be new to you but are worth looking into. Now grab yourself a cup of coreFFEINE and enjoy the updates. 

Today's Emphasis: EVENTS 📋 (with a few other goodies 🍭  )

new feature exciting! Event Attendance Status & Pass/Fail 

This is a VERY exciting feature as it has been requested for a long time by many of our customers who run classes.

You can get to this page by going to Events & Facilities > Events > Attendee Status. This page gives you several different pieces of functionality in one:

  • You now have the ability to mark different attendance statuses for class registrants. You can make your own Event Attendance Statuses, but examples might be "Did Not Attend," "Did Not Successfully Complete," or "Successfully Completed." 
  • Additionally, you can utilize this page as a check-in page where instructors can check in students either as they arrive or as the class is beginning with a single click in the box next to their name.
  • There is also a link to the order record in which they purchased the class online. If it is blank, this may indicate that the order was paid for in coreSTORE or the registrant was manually added by a staff member (perhaps for family or another staff member). 
  • Last, this page has a spot where instructors can write down evaluation notes.

You can set up the different Attendance Statuses by going to Events & Facilities > Events > Attendance Statuses

Here, you can create as many or as few statuses as you like.

Attendance Statuses can be tied to certifications... Which brings us to our NEXT new feature!

new feature exciting! Certifications

You can set up your Certification Types by going to Events & Facilities > Events > Certification Types. Certifications can be tied to attendance statuses, or they can also be set manually.

You can also choose whether your certifications expire or not and what classes are required by a user to automatically complete the certification. 

You can see a full list of who has what certifications by going to Contacts > Contact Certifications

If you click on a record, you can see the date issued, the expiration date, and any other notes that you may want to add.

Customers will be able to see their certifications and when they expire (if they expire) by going to "My Account".

Users, after obtaining a certificate, will also be able to print certificates of attendance or achievement from their "My Account" page if you give them one.

You can make a particular class require a certification by going to Events & Facilities > Events > Event Types. From here, at the bottom of a selected event type record, you can select which certification(s) are required in order to take a particular class:

PLEASE NOTE: By default, customers will still be able to register for classes that they do not have the certification for. In this case, a warning will pop up to the customer letting them know what certification they will need before they can attend that class. It is important to still allow the customer to register for the class in cases where they are signing up for a series of classes all at once. If a later level class fills up quickly, you don't want them to have to wait several months between taking classes. 

If you need to check this prior to the class, you can run an "Uncertified Registrants Report" by going to Events & Facilities > Events > Uncertified Registrants Report.

You can also run a Certification Expiration Report by going to Events & Facilities > Events > Certification Expiration Report.

new feature Form that registers someone for an Event

Creating a form that registers someone for an event assumes that the event will not require payment. 

A form could be created to sign someone up for an event, paid or unpaid, but they will be registered without payment. If you have a paid event, the customer will need to pay via coreSTORE at the time of the event. If you go this route, it would be best to have no pre-paid options  available so that, to avoid confusion, every customer who shows up to the event will be unpaid and require payment. 

This is useful if you need to have someone fill out a waiver at the time of signing up for the event (Think along the lines of free events such as a 5k run or a firearm assembly class). 

If you have need of this functionality, we can assist you in creating this form. 


improvement Re-signing up for Old Memberships

We found that if someone re-signed up for an old membership, rather than starting a new membership of the same type, it was advancing their old expiration date.

We made an enhancement so that if someone's old membership has been inactive or expired for a longer period of time, when they sign up for a new membership, it will simply create a new contact subscription record.

improvement Subscription Report Enhancements

To the subscription report, we now added phone number as a column, whether their associated recurring payment record "Requires Attention" (meaning payment failed and needs to be corrected), and the contact ID is now clickable.

new feature Auto-Generated Membership Numbers

Membership numbers in coreFORCE have previously been able to be stored as Contact Identifiers. You now have the ability to create a Contact Identifier that will auto-generate a number. If you choose to auto-generate, then every contact will have a value for this contact identifier. This will not overwrite membership numbers that were already input and admin users can ALWAYS edit these. 

improvement Create Events Page

Event Name is Now Auto-filled when the Event Type is selected. This can still be manually edited from this point if needed. 

Price Per Person is now Auto-filled when the Event Type is selected IF a default price is set directly in the Event Type Record.

This has an added benefit of auto-checking "Enable Shopping Cart Checkout" which will save you a click if you are making lots of events. 

new feature Ability to Combine Classes

If you have multiple classes that all use the same room at the same time, you can put a total amount of attendees on all the classes together. For example, if you can't allow 40 people to take each class because the room only supports 40 people total. This is important if you'd like to allow 1 class to have more registrants than another, especially if one class isn't filling up as much as others. 

To utilize this page, Go to Events & Facilities > Events > Combine Events. Using the dropdown, select the events you would like to combine and enter how many total attendees should be allowed for all of these events combined. 

We have so much more to share but this ends this week's update. 


Where is the chat support button? 😨


We have some other news too so keep on reading, it's another update and lots of goodies in this one.  A lot of it I covered in our latest coreCAST!  Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and just click below to watch the video (there is a BIG REVEAL in this video):

new feature exciting! New Interface Updates

It's better, it's faster, it's more pleasing on the eye and just more appealing.  Just watch our coreCAST above to learn more about it.  Try it, we think you will like it!

new feature Historical Valuation Report

The historical valuation report can be found under Reports->Inventory Reports.  This report allows you to print a valuation report for a previous date in time.

new feature Hide System Suspended Types

You can now hide any of the built in suspended types (if your business doesn't use them might as well hide them.  Just visit the Store Config and go to the Suspended Sales section.  You will see a new checkbox that allows you to hide anh of the built in suspended types.

new feature Employee Sales Report

If you are using coreSTORE to track employee time this report may be a good one to look at, it will analyze your total sales by employee and also display the average $ sold per work hour.  Try it you may gain some insight.  The report is right under Reports-> Employees.

improvement Select All Checkbox on Reports

The Select All checkbox now acts as a toggle to quickly select or unselect all options in a report.  Seems minor, but will 100% save some headaches.

improvement Hide Delete Button From Voided Sales

Duh...obviously if a sale is already voided, you cannot void it again...

new feature Easy way to handle Cash Payments

Click the cash payment type and you will be presented with this quick cash entry screen.  Just enter the bills and coins you received from the customer.

improvement Bound Book Filter on Used Only

improvement Export the Bound Book Table

You can now export the table results to Excel (you already can export the entire bound book, but this is a helpful feature if you just want to export the data on the screen with only the columns that are shown on the screen.

bug fixes And as always various bug fixes.

This Week's Update - Why Read When You can Watch?

Lots of little but helpful nuggets in this update, as well as some new video tips, and even some older features that we discovered were never officially announced. By the way keep reading for a chance to win $250!

Support for Preauthorizing Credit Cards

We released support for being able to preauthorize a credit card.  This is a great feature for our customers that use the coreCLEAR or coreCLEAR MX gateways.

Watch this video to learn all about preauthorizations.

Location Restrictions

You can now restrict certain items from being sold at specific locations, this feature can also be used if you have a single location but you have items in inventory that are not for sale (for example raw materials/components).

Here's a video showing how to setup these restirctions.

Email Receipts Layout

You can now choose whether you want to email a sales receipt to a customer in landscape or portrait format, this option will only show up in the store configuration when you enable PDF receipts.

Discontinue Items

You can set a date when an item should be discontinued.  Watch a quick video on how to set this up.

Manufacturer Part Number & Brands

We added a field to the items screen for manufacturer part number.  This field can be used as another identifier for an item.  Many retailers already have a UPC code, an internal product id (or SKU) and need another primary field to specify the manufacturer part number.   This field is now available in the items screen, and users can search for items using this field in the sales and po/receiving screens.

We also decided to separate the brands from the manufacturers and store those separately.  So now you can maintain brands separately from maintaining your manufacturers.  You can easily add brands to the manufacturer right in the manufacturer screen, or right on the items screen you can start typing in a brand name and the system will allow you to add a new brand as long as you selected a manufacturer. You cannot add a brand name without specifying the manufacturer.

Assemblies Keep Getting Better

We expanded the assembly functionality so you can start tracking your entire assembly process and who did what.   Watch the video to learn more about our new assembly build screen.

Mask Your Cost

This request came from a customer who had this feature in their previous system. You can now setup coreSTORE so it will create a special code that represents the cost of an item.  This code can be printed on your price labels or displayed on your digital price tags.  Watch this video to learn more about this awesome feature.

Make the Right Purchasing Decisions

We've added A LOT of information right at your fingertips, and you can access this information directly from the sales/purchase order/items screen.  Watch this video to learn more:

Employee Security Settings are Easier

The security options are vast, but we made it a little easier to navigate by collapsing the security options so you can quickly scroll to the module you want to change permissions on and simply click the module.  Here's a video showing how the new settings work, and also it explains how to setup employee templates.  This is a HUGE time saver when setting up new employees, so make sure to watch this quick video.

2 Factor Authentication And Other Security Options

We added the ability to force 2 factor authentication in coreSTORE.  This is a great way to ensure security and also discourage employees from sharing their user id's and passwords.  Watch this video to learn about the different security options in coreSTORE including facial recognition.


We moved all the ID information for a customer to it's own tab, seems more logical and less scrolling. For our gun store owners we added several fields related to their CCL license.

Speaking of moving, we really did move and now have a couple of office locations. Our main office is now located in Columbus North Carolina:  

799 W Mills St.
Suite B
Columbus, NC 28722

We also have a small office in Colorado Springs and our warehouse is in Lexington, KY.

🎉🎉🎉It's Time for a Giveawy🎉🎉🎉

Lets see who's paying attention to our What's New.  Buried in here is an answer to this question:

What does Ezra Desperately Need?

Be the first one to answer correctly by posting the answer in the comments of this What's New, post the answer WITH your name and email address and you will receive a $250 Amazon gift card.  Coreware Employees are eligible to respond but not eligible for the prize money 🤣🤣🤣.

Bound Book, 4473, 3310

improvement Added code to prevent a 4473 from being changed to INVALID when a corresponding Sale is deleted if it has already been through a NICS check and has a recorded NICS result.    

improvement Drivers license is no longer required when disposing a firearm directly from the Bound Book module.

fix Section E could not be filled out if the 4473 was DENIED or CANCELED. Now when you go to Section E, if the status is DENIED or CANCELED, the Transfer Date is not shown on Section E and is left blank when Section E is submitted. 

fix Fixed bug where using 'Create 3310 From 4473' did not display an error dialog informing the user if the firearm(s) were on a Work Order bound book.

improvement If you attempt to send a 3310 by email that has already been sent before, you are asked to confirm you want to send it again (in which case the email_date stored in the DB is updated) otherwise you can abort the send and leave the previously existing email date alone.   

improvement Fixed bugs in 3310 submission to ATF and LEOs; this build should help ensure everyone gets the 3310 as an attachment. For LEOs, there is also a link in the email to download and display the 3310 PDF on demand if for some reason there is a problem opening the attachment.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Yes it's been two weeks since our last update and as promised we have released an update and we have some great improvements and some new features.  Before we get to the fun stuff please take the time to watch this video especially if you are currently processing your credit card transactions with a Pax terminal:

coreCLEAR Merchant Processing

Did you see our latest challenge?  If you are not using coreCLEAR as your merchant processor we will pay you $500 if we can't beat your current processing rates!  If you are interested in a free analysis and quote just visit: www.coreclear.com.

new feature Manual Card Entry Support

If you are using the coreCLEAR gateway, you can now setup a register to process manual transactions (helpful if you take orders via the phone).

To setup a Manual Register click the Locations menu option under Inventory (Left side of your screen).  Click on the location you are in and then click the Merchant Processing tab and add a register.  Set the register name and then select Card Not Present as the Card Reader Type.

When processing a sale on the manula register when selecting credit card as the payment type, you will be prompted to enter the card information.  

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a customer selected for the sale and that their address matches the billing address of the credit card.

new feature exciting! Credit Card Terminal Settings

CLEAR 8500 - Counter Top

CLEAR 6200 - Mobile Payment Terminal

If you are using the CLEAR 8500 or CLEAR 6200 (pictured above) then this news will be exciting.  Currently these devices can display banner ads, a video, they will show your customer the items that are being rung up in the sale and now you can request additional information from your customer including their name, email address and you can even ask them to join your loyalty program or if they are already signed up the terminal will display their current point balance.  

An additional option lets you prompt the customer for any missing information that you don't have on file including their email address or phone number.

To activate any of these options, click the locations screen and under the Merchant Processing tab you will see these new configuration options:

Item Assemblies

If you do light manufacturing of products then item assemblies is what you want to use to build your assemblies. In short an assembly defines the recipe for making a product (raw materials) and a build is the action of producing the product (finished good).

We've made a few improvements with item assemblies:

improvement On hand and Committed Clearly Displayed

Showing committed is helpful because it can help with planning your production and material needs, since what is committed reflects what's on order.

improvement Choose Your Columns

Similar to the other screens in coreSTORE you can now choose from many different columns to display, and you can reorder those columns.

new feature Ability to Choose a Different Assembly Item

The assembly item is the finished product that is being assembled can be changed by clicking the Edit button.  This is very helpful when cloning an assembly.


improvement Item Kits

Item Kits can be set to a $0 price.

improvement Manufacturers

The manufacturer screen has been completely revamped and modeled after the supplier screen.  You can now track more information on a manufacturer including their web site, logo, and for our FFL's out there you can enter and validate their FFL#. You can also choose what categories the manufacturer represents, and add a full HTML description.  You are welcome to guess why we did this... best answer submitted in the Send Us Feedback box will get a 💵  $100 Amazon Gift Card 💵, make sure you include your email address with your answer so we know who to send the card to (yes I'm just curious to see if I still have your attention).


improvement When Enable PDF Receipts is enabled under Store Config, then the PO and Receiving receipts will be emailed with a PDF attachment.


improvement Lifetime memberships will now show up in Blue and won't appear like they are expired.

fix Several fixes applied to improve and fix selling memberships in coreSTORE.


Synchronize your 4473 forms directly to a local drive, set it and forget it.  We now have a Windows Application and a Mac Application that can be installed on a local machine where you can now keep copies of all your 4473's.  Satisfying ATF requirements is now a breeze.

Watch the video to see how to download, install and setup.  Warning - there is NO SOUND with this video.  Make sure to maximize the video so you can watch all the details.  This video walks you through the process if you are on Windows.

Every Other Tuesday is coreSTORE Update Day

Welcome to our first Tuesday coreSTORE Update (it's still Tuesday on the West Coast), in short this means that in two weeks time we will have another update for you to view.  No surprise we are full of surprises and exciting updates, but let me firstshare a piece of news with you that is a bit alarming especially if you are using a PAX credit card terminal at your store.  


If you are and you purchased the units from Coreware, please let us know and we will make sure to get you upgraded to our new Equinox terminals that are not only better but the company is US Based and manufacturing is done in Canada and Malaysia.

Our shortest and most fun coreCAST yet, was filmed at the Powder Room in Panama Beach FL.  What an amazing range, and incredible hosts.   Please watch, like and don't forget SUBSCRIBE!

It's time to replace your Chimp with a real Ape!   coreILLA "The Mailchimp Killa", an email marketing platform that blows away the competition. Check out our "Quick Cast" where Joel Cheney and our new Director of Digital Marketing, Chris Pollitzer, talk about the soon-to-be industry standard email marketing platform: 


Contact: sales@coreware.com if you are interested!

If you are using the clear8500 or clear6200 Terminals, you can now prompt your customer and ask them if they would like to join the loyalty program and you can prompt them on the terminal and ask them for their Name, Phone Number, and Email Address!   Click the image below to learn more about these AMAZING devices.

You can enable these prompts from the Locations Screen (click the Merchant Processing tab at the top).

Sale Screen

exciting! improvement Major Interface Update

I never loved the section of the sales screen that shows the customer information. Why such a small font?  Why isn't it organized better?  Why can't I easily see if they have a waiver signed and what membership plans they are subscribed to?  Lot's of why's lead to lots of action.   We are super excited with this interface change that was designed by Glen, our super talented developer who is behind the tremendously powerful Buyer Assistant module.   This is just the beginning of cleaning up our sales interface even more.  You also may notice the subtle changes we have made to try to prevent you from having to scroll!  There is more coming, so stay tuned!

The colors on the membership buttons and waiver mean something:

RED - Expired
ORANGE - Expires within 30 days
GREEN - We are good

When you hover or click on the membership look what pops up:

We also moved some buttons around and made thing more intuitive.  I have no doubt you are going to really love the updated interface!

Learn more about it by watching our video:


Do not panic!!!!!  We simply renamed it to Fulfillment - seriously it makes a whole lot more sense, since this is the screen you use to fulfill orders (whether you deliver, ship or they are waiting for pickup).

exciting! Nothing Wrong with some extra speed!

As we strive to improve coreSTORE we continue to also work on performance improvements.   You should notice snapier screens in this update, and some of it should be pretty significant.  

new feature Price an Item with Taxes Included

You can now set a price of an item so that it includes the taxes, no need for a calculator.  So imagine you wanted to price an item at $100 and that includes the taxes on the item.  Easy, just click the item price and then click the Tax Included button (see screen shot).  coreSTORE will do the calculation for you, so it will reprice the item based on the assumption that the item with tax should total $100.

Inventory & Purchasing Enhancements

new feature Deactivate and Discontinue Items

You can now specify a date when an item is going to be discontinued.  When that date arrives the system will no longer allow you to sell that item.  You can also mark an item as inactive, which will allow you to sell the rest of your inventory but will prevent you from ordering/receiving more of that item.  Discontinued items will automatically be marked as inactive once there is no longer any stock of that item.

new feature Hide Payment Section on PO/Receiving Screen

There is now a configuration option under Purchasing/Receiving section in the store configuration to hide the payment section.  This will simply allow you to process a receiving transaction without having to choose a payment.  Makes a whole lot of sense if you are using an accounting system to process supplier invoices.

new feature Transfer Requests Alerts

When processing a transfer request the location receiving the request will get an alert. When the user clicks on the alert they will be taken to that specific transfer request.

new feature Discounts Don't Apply

There are times when you may want/need to prevent discounts from being applied to a specific item.  To accomplish this in the items screen we added a check box under the pricing tab: Discounts Don't Apply.  When this checkbox is checked, if a discount is given on the sale transaction it will not apply the discount to any item that has the option checked.  Keep in mind even price tiers do not apply when setting this option.

improvement Auto Refresh Price Check Screen

The price check screen will now auto refresh after 60 seconds and go back to the main screen.  Yes, we have a price check screen that can run off a tablet and sit anywhere in your store.  It's a fantastic feature!  If you need help setting this up, contact our incredible customer service staff.


improvement Item Summary Sales Report

We now show total discounts given in the Item Summary Sales Report.

 Navigation & Menus

improvement Menu Hover is Now Optional

Added a new configuration option under section Modules that allows you to enable automatically expanding the menus when the mouse hovers.  Myself and a couple of customers did not like the hover feature, so rather than removing it completely we decided to make it an optional setting.  Check the box to hover away!

Work Orders

new feature Repair Items Not Handled as Inventory Items

This is exciting, when adding a new work order from the work order screen, you can now simply describe your item without associating it to an actual inventory item (which makes a whole lot more sense).   The idea is that you are not forced to select an actual inventory item or add an item.  

For our gun stores, the system will still acquire the repair item if you check the box to create a bound book record.  

We will definitely record a video in the next few days to review the updated work order functionality.

ECommerce Integration

Added the ability to specify which location to import internet orders into which are not pickup orders (pickup orders will always be imported into the pickup location).

coreFORCE Integration

improvement Membership Options Better Organized

Rather than a long list of memberships, we now show the memberships by membership type.  If you only have one type then we automatically show all the memberships under that one type.  If you have multiple types then you can expand the different types.

Bound Book & 4473

new feature Print the FFL License with the Receipt

A new configuration option was added under the Bound Book Section:

When checked this option will show a button to print the stores FFL from the Receipt screen when selling an item that is in the bound book. Very handy if you are transferring a firearm to another FFL.

*Make sure you have a copy of your FFL loaded into the Locations Screen.

improvement Bound Book Report Enhancement

Added the sale id to the bound book report (invoice #).

improvement Receiving Firearms Must Have Supplier Specified

When receiving a firearm, the system will alert you if no supplier was selected.

improvement Open Transfers

When entering a firearms transfer, if the customer already has an open transfer, the system will alert the user to prevent them from adding a new transfer.

One. Eternity. Later.

In all seriousness, it's been a long time since we've released a What's New update for coreFORCE. 

We've been busy at work behind the scenes, making BIG moves to continue pushing forward our motto of unifying and simplifying the way that you do business. This has included the launch of our new product, coreILLA "The Mailchimp Killa", an email marketing platform that blows away the competition. Check out our "Quick Cast" where Joel Cheney and our new Director of Digital Marketing, Chris Pollitzer, talk about the soon-to-be industry standard email marketing platform:

new video

In addition to an incredible marketing alternative, we've also been working on pushing out our incredible new CLEAR 8500 and 6200 credit card terminals that do so much more than any other terminal out there. We've heard incredible feedback about these machines and we're excited to get them into your hands as soon as possible! Check out our NEWEST coreCAST episode where we go on location with our friends at The Powder Room in Panama City Beach, FL and show the new terminals in the wild with some real customer feedback! 

new video

And if you're somehow not tired of our videos yet, or maybe if you just miss Joel, Ezra, and I's off-topic non-sense, heres' coreCAST Episode 7 where we talk about probably our most exciting update of the year! 

Remember to subscribe so you can see all of these videos hot off the press!

Okay okay, enough videos! 

We have so many more exciting things to share. Grab your reading glasses and maybe a fresh cup of coreFFEINE, this may be a long one!

exciting! important improvement One Word... "SPEED"

Over the last month, our developers have been working hard to address speed concerns across coreFORCE and we've managed to increase our page performance across the board, but we are still in the process of making improvements. This is an on-going process, but we are excited to see that Google is giving our websites much higher rankings. Even so, we are committed to continued improvements to improve the customer experience for both OUR customers AND YOUR customers. 

I won't go into the nitty-gritty, but a lot of these speed updates have to do with how prices are loaded by the system, how product search results are displayed, Orders Dashboard enhancements, enhancements to how product maintenance loads, and how background processes function.

new feature improvement exciting! announcement 

Checkout Version TWO

If you watched the videos above, you may already know, but we have been working hard throughout the course of the year to modernize the look of the checkout process. We spent a lot of time consulting some in-house user experience and user interface experts and brought our checkout process into the year 2025.

This checkout process has been heavily beta tested by some of the system's largest users and we are confident that this improved checkout will help increase your sales! These checkouts will be rolled out over the course of a few weeks and will be heavily tested on each customer's system prior to launching it.

Please be patient with us as we bring this checkout process to your websites!

new feature Added Notes to customer subscription self-service

Customers can now enter their reason for pausing or cancelling a subscription.

new feature coreBUY Distribution

We are now offering coreFORCE customers EXCLUSIVE access to some exciting and unique product through coreBUY!

new feature List View of Classes

We now offer an alternate event calendar. If this is a change you are interested in, please let us know and we can add you to the schedule to add this new view.

new feature AVS Control for coreCLEAR users

AVS settings for coreCLEAR (the latest version) can now be controlled directly from coreFORCE in Orders > Setup

The default setting is that only full matches will be approved, but you as a dealer will have full control over the other options. Of course, allowing everything through is not considered a wise idea.

improvement Invoices

Invoices can now be marked inactive to cancel a layaway without losing history

new feature Promotions 

Promotions can now be applied to every recurring payment in a subscription. This must be added from the recurring payment record at this point in time. 

improvement There is now an option to prevent customers from deleting a payment method if it’s used in a recurring payment.

new feature exciting! Facility Reservations

Ability to reserve multiple facilities for an event and have each facility contain its own time slot. Please note that this does not work for multi-day reservations at this point in time.

improvement Event Registrant Report 

The Detailed  Event Registrant Report now includes an Order ID column.

new feature Added Search Filters for Subscriptions

When looking through your subscriptions, there are now filters to clear out which subscriptions are expired or paused.

bug fixes 

  • Fixed issue with create events
  • Fixed issue with submitting orders to Bill Hicks
  • Fixed Issue with Loyalty Points
  • Fixed Banner Issues

Performance Enhancements

  • Price Calculations
  • Improved Internal API Communication
  • Bot Crawling Enhancements
  • Improved coreILLA Integration
  • Fontawesome updates
  • Orders Dashboard improvements




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