Another Update and this is a Big One

exciting! We hope you all had a very happy 4th of July.  We've been busy (as always) for the last few weeks working on various new features, improvements and of course bug fixes. What would software be without those pesky bugs🐛

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new video Check out our latest episode, Episode 2 for fun discussion on Coffee, Crypto, Aliens, and an overview of new updates. Additionally, make sure to comment for a chance to win another bag of coreFFEINE!


exciting! new feature Automated Closing Report Delivered Daily to your Mailbox

You can now receive a daily sales report for your store.  Head over to the Locations screen and enter the email address and time you would like to receive the report.

new feature Edit Sales Tax By Line Item

During a sale you can now override the default taxes associated with any given line item. Including the ability to remove taxes from a specific line item.

new feature Default Margin by Category

You can now specify a default margin/markup percent by category.

new feature Price Check Screen

We have had a couple of dealers that asked us to design a price check screen that can be used by their customers.   Here is a view of it:

We added a new security option so you can setup a user that only has access to the Price Check functionality which would allow you to setup a screen on the floor for customers to use without worrying about them accessing your system.

improvement Receiving Screen

When receiving from a previously created purchase order, we now clearly show the quantity that was on the original order, and how many have been received to date.


new feature Split the Bill

You now can optionally show buttons to split the payment by a quarter, third or half. To enable this option click on your Store Config, under Payment Types you will see a new check box: Enable Split Payment Buttons.   This will allow you to easily split the payment among multiple people (unless you have more than 4):

new feature Assemblies

Different from item kits, an assembly is an item you are "building", which has components in it. If you are a manufacturer you are familiar with the term "Bill of Materials", well this is what we now have.  You an define an assembly (the finished good), and specify what components/items make up the assembly.  You can then build assemblies and the system will properly deduct the components from inventory and add the quantity that was built of finished assemblies.  This all probably sounds a bit complex and if it wasn't 1:30AM, and I wasn't a major sugar high, I would record a video.  So I will promise you this - A VIDEO IS COMING!  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

In the meantime here is a screen shot of the Assemblies screen.

new feature Default Mailing List

You can now specify one more default mailing lists to add a customer to when adding a new customer.  This is for Mailchimp users, but will also apply to coreILLA - The Mailchimp KILLA!  COMING SOON!!!!!!

GENERAL improvementS 

  • Clicking the customer name will now default to show ALL TRANSACTIONS when viewing the customer's history.
  • Added a new security option for Selling Gift Cards, if a user only has this permission then all they can do is sell a gift card on the sales screen and will have no access to manage the gift cards in the gift card management screen.  This is an important security update.
  • When selecting which Tags you want to show in the Inventory Summary By Category Report, the selected tags will also show up in the Excel.
  • Added the ability to import/export the override tax field when importing/exporting items. 
  • Added the markup and margin fields to the Items Import feature.

EXCITING! Firearm Transfers a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

We now have a streamlined method of entering a firearm transfer from another FFL. This is something that many of you have requested.  In this case I think a video is best way to showcase this new feature!  Let us know if you are excited about this feature, because we absolutely are.


new feature You can now email a copy of your FFL License.   To load your license visit the Location screen, there is a new option to upload your FFL License.  Once it's uploaded you can click the new menu option in the bound book.

new feature You can now designate inventory types that SHOULD NOT create a bound book record even if the item is serialized.  This is a great feature if you want to track your  optics by serial number but don't want to create a separate bound book for those.

new feature If there's no NICS response within 3 days (causing you to pick "NR" for Section C/Q.27d), the NICS Result bubble on the Manage 4473 screen will be displayed with double-asterisks (**). 

Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is unset: show "PROCEED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "PROCEED": show" PROCEED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "DENIED": show "DENIED**"
Q.27d = "NR" and Q.27e is "CANCELED": show "CANCELED**"  

improvement Added the ability to specify a waiting period by location, for customers who have stores in multiple states.

improvement Added a configuration option to prompt for password, if the waiting period is enabled.

improvement Modified Section E #33 to allow for a shortened FFL (X-XX-XXXXX) Number to appear instead of the full number by supporting the new "Use short FFL" store config option.

improvement Enhanced the left bound book menu to provide quicker access to the Manage and Fill Out 4473 screen.

bug fixes 

  • Customer last names that contained an apostrophe were showing up truncated on the 3310 form.     
  • Filing out 4473s manually was not getting firearms displaying on the 3310 PDF form.
  • Fixed bug where canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

GENERAL bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with entering a range of serial numbers containing a 0 at the start of the serial number.
  • ECommerce manual sync (which you shouldn't have to run very often, if ever) will now properly assign the ECommerce ID to the item.
  • Fixed an issue when updating item information from the online catalog.
  • Fee based items were not calculating the price of the item when adding the item from the button grid.
  • When doing a batch receiving, the lookup of UPC codes was not properly working, this is now fixed.