Final 2021 Update

As we quickly approach the new year it's time for our last update.  For our firearm dealers out there we look forward to seeing you at Show Show 2022 in Last Vegas on January 18th.  

Make sure to visit us at our booth, we are in the new Caesars Forum booth number 7267! We would love to meet you in person and enjoy a fresh cup of coreFFEINE.  We will be serving coreLATTEs, coreCHIATOs, corePACCINOs, coreMERICANOs and plain old coreFEE if that's all you want.

We also want to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Due to the holidays this is actually a pretty short update.

coreTAG Support

We have our first official coreTAG training video. coreTAGs are electronic pricing tags that will transform your store and save a ton of labor costs.  More information on coreTAGs can be found by clicking HERE.

Watch how easy it is to register and setup your digital tags:

improvement New Integrations Tab

We have organized our external integrations that are location specific and created a new tab in the locations screen to easily setup the integrations.

new feature Mix and Match Enhancement

You can now mix and match items even when setting up advanced discount which allows you to setup more complex discount structures where your customer qualifies for the discount when buying different items, or items from certain categories etc.

improvement Inventory Count Enhancement

When you start an inventory count and select "Items Not Counted" and try to sort by category, clicking on the Parent Category gives you no results. You only get results when you select the subcategories as well. If you select the Parent Category, this should include the subcategories and all items should show.

fix There were instances that prevented a user from deleting the currency denominations.

fix Fulfillment screen will now update the quantity committed bucket whenever an order is completed.

fix In certain circumstances the item kit summary report was coming up blank.

Bound Book and 4473

improvement When cancelling a pending disposition the system will now ask the user if they want to update inventory.

new feature 4473 Screen Date Filter

You can now filter the 4473's by a date range which helps if you are searching for a specific 4473.

new feature Add an API endpoint to allow adding a 4473 record via API.  Contact our support for more detail if you want to consume this API.

fix Manually disposing a firearm in the bound book was not always updating the web site quantities, this is now fixed.  Make sure to click yes when the system prompts you to update inventory quantities.

fix After doing a NICS check and getting a proceed the NTN can be left blank. 

fix When entering a drivers license or CCW if the date of the license is expired show an alert on the screen and not allow it

fix Currently you can submit the 4473 when a CCW is used even if the CCW is left blank

fix If not a US Citizen we need to require an AR number, should not allow to leave blank

fix Box 32 should populate DID NOT TRANSFER if not approved if it gets denied

fix NICS Denial should show DENIED in Box 32 automatically, if i ti was denied