Happy Friday - Another Update

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!  Two updates in one week, not unheard of, but also not very frequent.  We had a couple of critical updates we wanted to release so we decided to push this out before the weekend.   This is a pretty short one, so no need to grab any coreFFEINE...

improvement Enhancement for our customers with multiple stores

Serial numbers will now show on the items screen for the current location. You will see a new checkbox that allows you to see serial numbers for all locations.  You can also quickly change a serial number to another location.  

If you are a bound book user keep in mind that changing the serial number location on the items screen WILL NOT change anything in the bound book.

exciting! Days in Stock added to the Receiving Items Summary Report

Hopefully it is exciting and not depressing...but nonetheless it's good information to know.   We have added the last receive date and the number of days an item has been in stock to the Receiving Items Summary Report. As a retailer the importance of having the right inventory at the right time and the right cost is essential.  Make sure you click the image below unless you bionic eyesight.

improvement Customer Birth Date & Age Restriction

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious.  This feature request was pointed out by one of our customers, if the customer purchasing an item with an age restriction has a birth date on their account then there is no need to request the age verification. Either they are old enough to purchase the item or not.

improvement Emailing your FFL (if you have one)

When you email your FFL we will alert you if there is no license loaded in the locations screen and prevent you from sending a email without the license file.

improvement Detailed Suspended Sales Report

Enhanced the detailed suspended sales report to include all suspended types.

fix Return on gift cards has returned!  You can once again create a new gift card when doing a return.  In case you are wondering, we did not remove this feature on purpose 😀 - we call this a coreKROACH, otherwise known as a bug.

fix Fixed employee permissions so all options are selectable.