No More Delays - It's Time for an Update!

I hate starting this update not talking about the update, but some things in life are far more important.   Our friends at Ammoready need your help.  Eric Austin has a daughter who is only 3 years old and recently diagnosed with an extremely rare and terminal disease.  

There are many good causes out there, but this one truly hits close to home and the only way I can think of helping is letting all of you know about it, in the hopes of helping raise money that can be used to find a cure.   Give us a shout out here if you make a donation or even share the link on your own social media, we will ship you over some of our newest coreFFEINE, we have new bags with even better beans!  And thank you in advance with whatever you can do, even if it's just raising awareness.

Click Read More (if you see the link, otherwise just keep scrolling) to learn all about this update.

This update has been in the works for the last three weeks.  Lots of small gems with many driven by your requests. There is a lot of great things coming soon, some of what you will see here are stepping stones and clues to what's coming!

Store Config

exciting! A fresh new look to the Store Config screen.  Makes it a WHOLE lot easier to navigate and less intimidating (at least we think so).  Lets us know what you think!


improvement Checkout our new updated Inventory Print List.

What's really exciting is that it will give you a preview to something we have been promising for months, which is a new reporting engine.   Checkout all the great features and let us know what you think.  We plan to start rolling out more reports using this engine and at some point we you may be able to build your own reports!

improvement Updated Location Information when you click Location in the Items screen.  Try it even if you only have one store, there is some valuable information that you can see for every item you sell.   This is just the start - MUCH more to come!

Sale Screen

improvement For our coreFORCE customers, if your customer/member has a waiver signed, this will show up on the Sales Screen along with an expiration date if you have defined one.

improvement Added the customer's middle name to the display if they have one.


improvement Added the ECommerce Contact Id to the customer export.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

improvement Added a field to track the creation date of a PO or Receiving transaction.

Work Orders

improvement Work order receipt will now include any payments that were made.


new feature When entering an expense you can now select the customer or supplier the expense is related to and this will also show on the expense report.

Bug Fixes

fix Item kits rounding off incorrectly and ringing up at the wrong price.

fix Tip screen was showing up after payment made in certain circumstances.

fix Fixed the left menu Inventory menu to be more consistent and not just collapse at random times.

fix When changing an item price to $0, a discount amount was showing on the receipt.

fix Fixed the delivery screen when the user completes the delivery the status will change to picked up.

fix Items setup in the button grid which were set as either a % of subtotal or % of previous item were not calculating the price when adding the item from the button grid.

fix When searching by FFL number in Suppliers, a dropdown appears, but clicking on it or selecting search does not actually bring up the FFL.

fix Transfer in transaction was adding wrong acquisition location information.

fix Fixed issue with cash out transactions not showing totals properly if the "cash" taken out was a check.

fix When Always Minimize Left Side Bar Menu is not selected there were menu options that were still minimizing. 

Bound Book & 4473

improvement Changed the Bound Book Acquisition information so license is not required, since it's not required by the ATF.

exciting! Manage 4473 Enhancements!!!!

improvement Combined "4473 Date" and "Date Certified" into single column         

improvement Simplified "Sections" columns to make room for new "3310" column (roll over section letters to see their purpose)         

new feature Added new "3310" column which shows one of four states:

  1. If no 3310 is needed for a given 4473, it shows "--".
  2. If a 3310 form needs to be filled out, it shows a yellow/orange alert triangle           Clicking on the alert triangle will open a new 3310 form, ready to be filled out.      
  3. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, but has not been emailed, it shows the   3310 record ID number in a green box.  Clicking on the green box will open the associated 3310 form             
  4. If a 3310 form has already been filled out, and has already been emailed, it shows the 3310 record ID number in a blue box with a letter icon.  Clicking on the blue box will open the associated 3310 form.  Mousing over the blue box will show the date/time it was emailed.

fix canceled or denied 4473s were not showing 0 for the number of firearms transferred in Section A (although the PDF would say "ZERO").     

fix Fixed on hand reconciliation between the bound book module and inventory.

fix Fixed bug in Section B where birth countries that contains an apostrophe were saving improperly. 

fix Fixed bug where duplicate firearms could appear on a 3310. 

fix Fixed bug where 3310s were sometimes not generating properly when doing manual 4473s. 

fix Fixed bugs that could cause 3310 alerts not to be generated when disposing of firearms using pending dispositions.