Post Thanksgiving Update

HAPPY HUMP DAY and belated Happy Thanksgiving!!  Time for another coreSTORE update, due to Black Friday we wisely decided to delay the update to this week and let me tell you, this is another exciting update.  I guess all updates are usually pretty exciting, at least I think so...😀 .

exciting! new feature coreTAG

We have added support for our latest product offering - coreTAGs.  These are digital tags that totally integrate into coreSTORE and they are truly magical.  Watch the latest coreCAST to learn more.

You can click on this link for additional information and pricing.


new feature Prohibit Sales By Item By Tag

If you have multiple locations, you can now restrict specific items from being sold in specific locations.  When prohibiting items from certain locations, the users at that location will not see the item when looking items up in the sales screen and if they scan a prohibited item it will error on the scan.

new feature Prohibit Sales By Location By Tag

You can also prohibit sales of an item based on the item tag.

new feature In the assembly screen you can now search for components by category.


Our Merchant processing services keep getting better and we will beat your current rates hands down!  We keep improving coreCLEAR as you will see by the list below.  

new feature Export Transactions to Excel

You can now export the card transactions to Excel:

new feature exciting! Payment Portal

You can now setup a payment portal for your customers to:

- Pay Open Invoices
- Make Payments on Layaways
- Easily view their full Order History

Watch this video to learn more!

Sales Screen

new feature Show Customer Address on the Sales Screen

You can now show the customer's address on the sales screen.  There is a new Store Configuration option under Sales.  Turning this option on will also show a snippet of the address when searching for customers.

Purchasing and Receiving

new feature Line Item Notes

You can now add line item notes to purchase orders, transfers and receiving transactions. These notes will print on the PO or Receiving documents as well as the transfer documents.

Work Orders

new feature Work Order Custom Labels

Custom labels can now be printed for work orders, we added replacement fields for some of the work order information that would be required to print on a label.  If you would like us to design a label for your work orders, hit us up on the help desk.

Customers and Memberships

new feature exciting! If you are a coreFORCE customer you can now sell a membership for cash, check or any other tender type.  When selling a "cash" membership, the membership will not automatically renew (for obvious reasons).

new feature View a complete history of your customer's activity including what classes and events they have attended, just click the customer's name or the new transaction history icon.

Easily see what items your customer purchased:

View class and event history

Quickly see what items your customer purchased on any sales:

fix Selling memberships using credit cards was not always setting up the recurring charge properly in coreFORCE, this should now be fixed.


new feature Custom Report can now be printed, not just viewed on the screen.

Bound Book & 4473 Updates

improvement Added a new configuration option "Always Use DL For Disposition" to store config under Bound Book section; When checked, the customer's DL info will be used when disposing of firearms even when they have associated CCL info

improvement Modified 4473 PDF output to remove redundant word "Number" from Type of Identification (26a)Fixed bug where not picking Yes or No for 21.l.2 would check 'No' on the PDF instead of leaving it blank.

FixFixed bug where Full Name field of Customer record could get changed when a 4473 was saved, even if the choice was "Don't Overwrite"

fix Fixed bug where a 4473's 'reason for invalidation' would get overwritten with "Linked sale was deleted" when a linked sale was deleted; now, if there was a previous reason for invalidation that had been entered, it leaves it alone and only puts in "Linked sale was deleted" if the reason is empty
improvement Q.33 (FFL Trade Name/Address) is automatically entered when a new 4473 is created from a sale, so that it will appear on PDFs at any time
improvement Added code that would restore a 4473 if a deleted sale was "undeleted"

Manage 4473
fix Fixed bug where picking 'Create 3310 from 4473' on a 4473 that doesn't qualify for making a 3310 would leave the browser in a non-scrollable state and require refreshing the page in order to scroll again.

fix Fixed bug where firearms with the same S/N from earlier 4473s were being included on the PDF
fix Fixed bug where firearms with the same S/N from earlier 4473s were influencing which additional firearms were considered for inclusion on the 3310
fix Fixed bug where 3310s weren't being generated if driver's license numbers matched but one had dashes and the other didn't.
improvement Modified 'Residence Address' to show "" instead of "(NO COUNTY)" on PDF

Miscellaneous Fixes

fix API Endpoints Improved to return all fields

fix Custom report will now show correctly when filtering by state

fix Shipping Address phone number will now be formatted properly

fix When doing bulk edits on items, any item marked as an ECommerce item will also update the item online.