This Week's Update - Why Read When You can Watch?

Lots of little but helpful nuggets in this update, as well as some new video tips, and even some older features that we discovered were never officially announced. By the way keep reading for a chance to win $250!

Support for Preauthorizing Credit Cards

We released support for being able to preauthorize a credit card.  This is a great feature for our customers that use the coreCLEAR or coreCLEAR MX gateways.

Watch this video to learn all about preauthorizations.

Location Restrictions

You can now restrict certain items from being sold at specific locations, this feature can also be used if you have a single location but you have items in inventory that are not for sale (for example raw materials/components).

Here's a video showing how to setup these restirctions.

Email Receipts Layout

You can now choose whether you want to email a sales receipt to a customer in landscape or portrait format, this option will only show up in the store configuration when you enable PDF receipts.

Discontinue Items

You can set a date when an item should be discontinued.  Watch a quick video on how to set this up.

Manufacturer Part Number & Brands

We added a field to the items screen for manufacturer part number.  This field can be used as another identifier for an item.  Many retailers already have a UPC code, an internal product id (or SKU) and need another primary field to specify the manufacturer part number.   This field is now available in the items screen, and users can search for items using this field in the sales and po/receiving screens.

We also decided to separate the brands from the manufacturers and store those separately.  So now you can maintain brands separately from maintaining your manufacturers.  You can easily add brands to the manufacturer right in the manufacturer screen, or right on the items screen you can start typing in a brand name and the system will allow you to add a new brand as long as you selected a manufacturer. You cannot add a brand name without specifying the manufacturer.

Assemblies Keep Getting Better

We expanded the assembly functionality so you can start tracking your entire assembly process and who did what.   Watch the video to learn more about our new assembly build screen.

Mask Your Cost

This request came from a customer who had this feature in their previous system. You can now setup coreSTORE so it will create a special code that represents the cost of an item.  This code can be printed on your price labels or displayed on your digital price tags.  Watch this video to learn more about this awesome feature.

Make the Right Purchasing Decisions

We've added A LOT of information right at your fingertips, and you can access this information directly from the sales/purchase order/items screen.  Watch this video to learn more:

Employee Security Settings are Easier

The security options are vast, but we made it a little easier to navigate by collapsing the security options so you can quickly scroll to the module you want to change permissions on and simply click the module.  Here's a video showing how the new settings work, and also it explains how to setup employee templates.  This is a HUGE time saver when setting up new employees, so make sure to watch this quick video.

2 Factor Authentication And Other Security Options

We added the ability to force 2 factor authentication in coreSTORE.  This is a great way to ensure security and also discourage employees from sharing their user id's and passwords.  Watch this video to learn about the different security options in coreSTORE including facial recognition.


We moved all the ID information for a customer to it's own tab, seems more logical and less scrolling. For our gun store owners we added several fields related to their CCL license.

Speaking of moving, we really did move and now have a couple of office locations. Our main office is now located in Columbus North Carolina:  

799 W Mills St.
Suite B
Columbus, NC 28722

We also have a small office in Colorado Springs and our warehouse is in Lexington, KY.

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Bound Book, 4473, 3310

improvement Added code to prevent a 4473 from being changed to INVALID when a corresponding Sale is deleted if it has already been through a NICS check and has a recorded NICS result.    

improvement Drivers license is no longer required when disposing a firearm directly from the Bound Book module.

fix Section E could not be filled out if the 4473 was DENIED or CANCELED. Now when you go to Section E, if the status is DENIED or CANCELED, the Transfer Date is not shown on Section E and is left blank when Section E is submitted. 

fix Fixed bug where using 'Create 3310 From 4473' did not display an error dialog informing the user if the firearm(s) were on a Work Order bound book.

improvement If you attempt to send a 3310 by email that has already been sent before, you are asked to confirm you want to send it again (in which case the email_date stored in the DB is updated) otherwise you can abort the send and leave the previously existing email date alone.   

improvement Fixed bugs in 3310 submission to ATF and LEOs; this build should help ensure everyone gets the 3310 as an attachment. For LEOs, there is also a link in the email to download and display the 3310 PDF on demand if for some reason there is a problem opening the attachment.