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We have some other news too so keep on reading, it's another update and lots of goodies in this one.  A lot of it I covered in our latest coreCAST!  Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and just click below to watch the video (there is a BIG REVEAL in this video):

new feature exciting! New Interface Updates

It's better, it's faster, it's more pleasing on the eye and just more appealing.  Just watch our coreCAST above to learn more about it.  Try it, we think you will like it!

new feature Historical Valuation Report

The historical valuation report can be found under Reports->Inventory Reports.  This report allows you to print a valuation report for a previous date in time.

new feature Hide System Suspended Types

You can now hide any of the built in suspended types (if your business doesn't use them might as well hide them.  Just visit the Store Config and go to the Suspended Sales section.  You will see a new checkbox that allows you to hide anh of the built in suspended types.

new feature Employee Sales Report

If you are using coreSTORE to track employee time this report may be a good one to look at, it will analyze your total sales by employee and also display the average $ sold per work hour.  Try it you may gain some insight.  The report is right under Reports-> Employees.

improvement Select All Checkbox on Reports

The Select All checkbox now acts as a toggle to quickly select or unselect all options in a report.  Seems minor, but will 100% save some headaches.

improvement Hide Delete Button From Voided Sales

Duh...obviously if a sale is already voided, you cannot void it again...

new feature Easy way to handle Cash Payments

Click the cash payment type and you will be presented with this quick cash entry screen.  Just enter the bills and coins you received from the customer.

improvement Bound Book Filter on Used Only

improvement Export the Bound Book Table

You can now export the table results to Excel (you already can export the entire bound book, but this is a helpful feature if you just want to export the data on the screen with only the columns that are shown on the screen.

bug fixes And as always various bug fixes.