coreFORCE News

We have been super busy adding a ton of features to coreFORCE, but what good does it do if we don't share these updates with you.   coreSTORE users are used to our almost weekly updates and now it's time for our coreFORCE users to enjoy the same benefits.

exciting! Forms can now accept paymentsimprovement 

You can now build a custom form that allows you to accept payment on the form. This is a new feature that is extremely helpful for all different types of scenarios. Some examples might be:

  • Create a form to sell a product that requires additional information from the customer.
  • Setup a service or product that is dynamically priced based on what values the user enters into the form.
  • Provide customers with a 1 click shopping experience for a specific item or service

We recorded a video that shows you the process of creating a form that accepts payment.

new feature Help Desk Feedback

If your company/organization uses the Coreware Help Desk, there is now a feature that allows you to request customer feedback.

Here is how it works:

  • First the questions in the feedback form need to be created by going to
    Help Desk->Review Questions. There can be any number of questions. They appear on the form ordered by Sort Order. The reviewer/customer doesn't have to answer any, ie. none will be required.

  • When a ticket is closed, the customer will get an email with a link to review the ticket. There is a standard email, but it can be overridden with a custom email with code "HELP_DESK_REVIEW_INVITE". The substitution values are as follows. Reminder that substitution values appear as %field_name% in the email.
    • help_desk_entry_id - The ticket #
    • description - the subject of the ticket
    • review_url - the link to the review

  • A customer can go back to the review any number of times and make changes. In fact, if the ticket is reopened and then closed again, they will get the email again and can add to it or change it. All changes are logged, of course.

  • When the customer submits the review, there is a very simple response that is displayed. This response can be customized with a fragment with code HELP_DESK_REVIEW_RESPONSE.

  • Finally, in the Help Desk, if you are using the Help Desk as staff, at the bottom of the ticket, there will be a button, if there is a review, to view the customer's feedback.

improvement Help Desk Quick Tip

Are you using the Help Desk module for your customers?   Just a quick tip. In Help Desk you can click ctl-ctl and you will see a popup that allows you to enter a ticket number.  This is a very quick way to view any help desk ticket.

tip When Will a Strike-Through Price be Displayed?

A strike-through price will occur when there is an original price that has been overridden with another price. For example:

- When there's a calculated price that has been overridden with a sales price.

- When there's a calculated price that has been overridden with a list price.

Additionally, if you create a price type with the code ORIGINAL_SALE_PRICE, this will set an original price. 

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to submit a ticket to our Help Desk. 

For our Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers we have updated how the integration works with  This is in response to an increase in pricing by which now prices the monthly fee based on the number of products that are being uploaded from your web site.  We have also added the ability to define different shipping charges by department.   Watch this video to learn more about our updated integration with

The integration with Gun Broker has been improved tremendously.  We've been told by one of the top 5 Gun Broker dealers that our latest enhancements have lead us to have the best Gun Broker integration.  Be on the lookout for a video but in the meantime a few highlights to our integration:

Listing Templates

You can now create listing templates which allows you to setup templates for different product types and different listing types.  This will save you a tremendous amount of time when creating a listing for a Gun Broker product.

Importing Gun Broker Orders

Gun Broker orders can be imported at any time (prior to this update they had to be completed on Gun Broker).  You can allow your customers to checkout on your web site or on Gun Broker.  If you allow customers to checkout on your web site you can easily send them a direct link to checkout.   This provides an opportunity for your customer to add items to their order and also visit your site directly, it will also save you some money on fees.  

If payments are made on Gunbroker the payments will be imported with the order.

Importing Listings from a Spreadsheet

You can now import product listings directly from a spreadsheet. This is a huge time saver.   All you need to specify in the spreadsheet are the following fields, make sure the column names match exactly:


Updated Listing Features

We added all of the listing features that we could think of including premium listing features. Let us know if we missed any.  

Batch Import and Email

We added the ability to quickly import all of your orders into coreFORCE instead of doing it one by one.  We also provided the ability to bulk email all the customers at once.