coreSTORE August New Release!

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the latest coreSTORE update. Our team has been hard at work developing new features and improving existing ones to make your experience even better and as always squashing those pesky bugs. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Sale Screen

new feature We’ve made our payment type more intuitive and user-friendly. You’ll now be able to use the "Invoice Button" as a payment type instead of using the Store Account and this payment type will automatically create a Customer Invoice without the need to check the box for Invoice.  The invoice button will only be displayed only if a customer is selected on the sale screen and the customer has a term of payment assigned (in the customer screen you can specify terms for a customer).

important improvement Manual Card has been changed to "Record Payment" as a payment type, this change is being made to prevent any potential confusion on which payment type should use if only recording a payment that was processed outside of coreSTORE.

improvement Show the Suspended Sale type in the toolbar which shows the suspended sale type and the sales Id number in the toolbar display, this will allow you to verify if you are modifying the correct suspended sales ID.

new feature Added a Buy button to the sale screen which gives you the option to buy a new or used item from a customer. Unlike the trade-in function, the Buy function does not allow adding any other items to the transaction unless it's additional items you are purchasing from the customer.  No tax will be calculated when purchasing items from a customer.

Bound Book 

improvement Bound Book Move Enhancement - you can now move bound book records to a different location and bound books.   When moving records between locations the firearm will be disposed to the destination location's FFL and acquired in the new location using the FFL# of the source.

improvement Bound Book Report Modifications - We added the ability to search for the serial number in all bound book locations.


new feature Aged Receivables Reports - This report allows you to produce both Summary and Detail Aged Receivables Reports, providing you with precise and reliable information. This feature simplifies the task of monitoring your accounts receivable and ensures you effectively manage any unpaid invoices.

new feature Tender Report This new payment report will provide a summary of merchandise and nonmerchandise sales along with a breakdown of sales by payment type.

improvement Category and Inventory Reports have been updated to allow you to generate the report and only show the root categories (top-level categories.

Warehouse Module

news The coreSTORE warehouse module is a great way to help you better manage your warehouse.  This module is an add-on, if you are interested in a demo please contact our sales team.   Features include:

  • Advanced bin management 
  • Automated Bin Number Generation
  • Order picking module using a handheld
  • Receiving module using a handheld
  • Stocking Module using a handheld
  • Transfer module using a handheld

improvement Fulfillment Sheets will only show items that are in stock at the location.  All service items will also be removed from the fulfillment sheets.  The fulfillment sheets will now also include the bin locations where the item can be located.

improvement The picking module like the fulfillment sheet will not show any items that are not in stock and will also ignore any service items that are on the order (like shipping fees etc.).

new feature A Scan Tote button has been added to the fulfillment screen which will open up an order when you scan a tote.

Additional Updates

improvement The state field in Customers and Suppliers screens is now a dropdown to choose a state a lot easier.

improvement Overall interface enhancements to improve the usability of coreSTORE.  Categories, Types, and Attributes screens have all been updated with a fresher and easier-to-navigate interface.  Please watch the video below to learn more, and make sure to hit the Subscribe button so you can get notified when we publish new videos.

We hope you enjoy the new coreSTORE updates. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!