coreSTORE Update

I hope you all had an incredible 4th of July.  Typically we release updates on Monday night but with the Holiday falling on a Tuesday we decided to postpone and release the update last night.

If you are attending the NSSF Range & Retail Show in Milwaukee next week, please stop by our booth, we will be serving coreFFEINE and would love to visit with you.  Click the image to let us know you are attending and would like to see us.

As always this update includes several bug fixes and a few new features.

Sale Screen

  • improvement Reason codes have been expanded so all forms of discount will require a reason code if the system is set up to request or require reason codes.   If you want to set up reason codes in your store please watch this video and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

  • improvement Parties on Sales can now use or add existing customers and will show Membership and Waiver Info.


  • improvement When marking an item as used, you can now specify the Used UPC Number. This allows you to associate the used item to a valid UPC.   Simply check the Used checkbox and a new field will be displayed called "Used UPC".  This will be used in the future with integration into different marketplaces. 
  • new feature Added the ability to age-restrict selling items by category.  This allows you to set up age restrictions by category rather than setting it up for each individual item.
  • exciting! Multi-select items is a new feature that makes it easier to perform operations on several items that you can scan or search for quickly.  An example use case is if you need to print labels for several unrelated items.  Watch the video to learn more.


  • new feature You can now merge suppliers just like you merge customers.  Simply select two suppliers that need to be merged and you will see the merge button on the screen.

Work Order 

  • new feature You can now add the estimated repair date to the work order list screen

Bound Book & 4473

  • new feature You can now flag a customer or supplier as a Class 3 dealer.
  • important Firearm Incoming FFL Transfers will no longer create a 4473 when they are first entered.  The 4473 will get created when you suspend the transaction at the time the customer picks up their firearm.

Trade In's

  • improvement New configuration section for Trade-Ins (under Company -> Settings)
  • improvement Added the ability to choose what category to assign ALL trade in's.  This is optional and will force all trade-ins to be assigned to that category and will not allow the sales associate to make any changes.

Warehouse Module

  • improvement Added support for variations for putaway and receiving transactions
  • improvement Bin Locations will now show the actual variation in the bin (not the parent item)

Overall Performance Improvements

  • improvement Item Location Stats speed has been improved
  • improvement Customers are loaded faster on the sales screen
  • improvement Boundbook books with many entries should now load faster