coreSTORE Update


A month since the last update and we have been BUSY!   Over 80 tasks ranging in effort, the Coreware team has been hard at work, we hope you enjoy this latest update.  

Less words and more videos will be the goal of this post.  Make sure to click READ MORE there are a lot of updates, new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Sale Order Processing

new feature You can now fulfill part of an order and leave it open to fulfill the rest at a later date.  To learn more watch the video.

new feature exciting! There are several new features when it comes to order fulfillment, including the ability to allocate inventory to orders.  I'll be making some more videos this coming week, so PLEASE subscribe to our channel.

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new feature There is a new store configuration option available that allows you to default Easypost to default to signature or adult signature.

new feature If you have multiple locations you can now transfer orders between locations.

Inventory Improvements

new feature Quickly set your Reorder points and Replenishment Points (mins and maxes) for all locations.

Shipping History

When pulling up a sales order on the sales screen you can now see the full shipment history of an order.  

Customer New Features

new feature A new security option added under the customer section that lets you specify whether the employee can change a customer's price tier.

new feature Added the ability to flag a customer as do not serve.  Watch the video for more information and please subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

new feature Customer and Sale Order Tags. Watch the video to learn how to setup these tags.

Bound Book & 4473

new feature exciting! You can now search for an FFL by Name and Zip Code or just Zip Code.  This is a fantastic feature.  You will see a new button Search for FFL on various screens.

new feature exciting! We have added several features to simplify, streamline and improve the process of selling firearms.  if you own a gun store PLEASE watch this video and PLEASE let us know if you need help switching to our new interface.

new feature You can now process multiple sales orders into a single 4473.  Another good video to watch.

new feature Prevent a Sale from being completed without a 4473. Watch the video to learn more.

new feature Lets spice up that 4473 kiosk.  Watch this video to learn how to customize the 4473 kiosk.

new feature Under Bound Book reports we added a new 4473 report.

new feature You can now transfer Firearm transfers to a different location.   This is done in the firearm transfer screen.  You can transfer multiple transfers at once.

new feature You can setup different waiting periods by location and by firearm type.