February 15th coreSTORE Update

news Customer Service Response Times

If you haven't subscribed to our Youtube Channel please click the link below, subscribe and also click the bell icon to get notified when we publish a new video.  Our goal this year is to significantly increase the number of videos we are publishing.  We currently have just under 200 videos with nearly 50,000 views.  Most of our videos are instructional product related videos, and a few are amusing.

Our latest coreCAST is about customer service which is SO IMPORTANT for us.  Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.  We know it's been tough lately, we are adding more staff and if you know someone that you think would be a great addition to our team, please have them email me their resume directly to:  ezra.weinstein@coreware.com.



news Bug Fixes

We have many new customers so I wanted to let everyone know how we address bugs. Wait...did we just say bugs?  Yes BUGS!  EVERY SOFTWARE APPLICATION has bugs.  It's the nature of the beast.  The more features a software application has, the more bugs it has.  Our goal is always to squash those pesky bugs, but sometimes that's easier said than done.  The hardest bugs to squash are the ones that we cannot recreate.

Typically we categorize bugs based on priority.  Any urgent bugs are fixed and deployed ASAP, we do not wait for our regular update cycle.  We are fixing bugs every day, we don't list the bugs we fixed because many bugs are unique to a particular customer, and many are not experienced by most users.  But rest assured, we are always at work addressing these bugs.  Keep in mind, the longer it takes us to fix a bug, the more users report it, and the more tickets come in which of course frustrates our customer service team.  

Always remember - WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY!  We are doing our best, and a problem that affects you, affects us too, an issue that costs you time and money has the same exact effect on us.  We are in this together and our entire goal is to make your lives easier.  Please keep that in mind and PLEASE be patient with us.

exciting! coreILLA Version 2.0

Are you still using Mailchimp or a simple email campaign program?  We call coreILLA the Mail Chimp Killa for a reason.  If you haven't already looked at coreILLA please visit: www.coreilla.com.  coreILLA offers a powerful and complete marketing platform which will absolutely help you grow your business.  With an integration into coreSTORE this platform is a must have tool for your business.  One of our customers attributes a 40% rise in sales to coreILLA.  If you are interested in learning more please book a demo with our team and they will walk you through the benefits of coreILLA.



new feature Search by Product Id

You can now search by product id in the suspended sale screen.

improvement Customer Suffix

The customer suffix has been added to the sale screen.  Making it easier to identify your seniors from your juniors.


exciting! New Layout

So many fields for items, we decided it's time to reduce the scrolling and show more information on the screen.  You will see the item screen now has three columns of fields all organized into nice and logical sections.  We hope you like it!


improvement Detailed Sales Report Enhancement

The detailed sales report can now show all sales that are trade ins.  

improvement Detailed Sales Report Now Shows Reason Codes

The detailed sales report is now showing reason codes. 

improvement Smartwaiver

Easier Integration
We have enhanced the integration with Smartwaiver so it's a lot easier to setup the integration and requires less steps. 

coreFORCE & coreFIRE 

exciting! Variations

Variations in coreSTORE will now properly create variations in coreFORCE and/or coreFIRE.  

exciting! Loyalty Points

Loyalty points have been integrated between coreSTORE and your online store (coreFORCE/coreFIRE).  So points can be earned at the store and online, and the same points can be redeemed on both.   

Boundbook and 4473

improvement New Warning Message
In Section C, when saving or submitting, show a confirm dialog if the Types in Question 24 don't correlate to the Types found in Section A.

improvement Bound Book Move
When moving a boundbook record to a different group we now dispose the record and create a new acquisition record.  The reason for this is to prevent gaps in bound book id field. 

new feature Import from FastBound

If you are a new customer and need to import your boundbook records from Fastbound, you don't need to wait on our team anymore.  You can quickly import your records from Fastbound with one click.  The video below will show you how: