Friday Update

Sale Screen

improvement Discount Section Collapsed

Our goal is to reduce scrolling so we decided to collapse the discount section on the sales screen.  Just click it if you need to enter a discount or change a price tier. If your screen doesn't look the same make sure to hard refresh your browser.  On a PC you hold down the Shift-Ctl-R keys.  On a Mac you would Hold down Shift and click the Reload button. Or Hold down Command, Shift and click the 'R' key. 

new feature Cash out of the register will now print a receipt.

improvement The system will stop the sale from being completed if the payment amount far exceeds the sale amount.  This happens if the sales associate scanned a UPC code in to the payment amount field.

Work Order

new feature Added new security permission to Edit/Change the Item In Work Order. 


exciting! Reports now separate the date and time fields.  This means that when exporting reports to excel the date field will be treated in Excel as an actual date field without having to write any fancy formulas.

improvement Added a PRINT button to the Summary and Detailed Profit and Loss Reports, to allow the user to print the report/save it to PDF.

improvement Under the Detailed Sales Report, added a column that shows the name of the previous suspended sale type for that transaction.

improvement Added the selling price to the receiving receipt and changed the column title from Price to Cost.

improvement Added the internet order id to the Tax by Payments report.

Bound Book, 4473 & 3310

new feature You can now import custom fields into the bound book when importing bound book records from an external site.

new feature During import you can now choose whether inventory quantities should be updated.

fix Fixed bug in generating 3310s that was not ignoring firearms on books used for work orders from the '3310 check for alerts'.

fix Quotation marks in the Caliber/Gauge in a Bound Book record was preventing that firearm from being added to a 4473 (trying to do it just generated a JS error).

fix Fixed the check_for_3310_alert where the $id param could come in as empty and generate an error that's logged as an exception.     

fix Bringing up an existing 3310 for editing with a direct url didn't display the right firearm data     

fix Firearms that were both on valid (#11765) and invalid (#11760) 4473s (invalid/canceled/denied) within the 5 day time period could show up twice on the 3310 form 

fix Trying to print a 3310 from a direct URL would not generate the PDF properly.