Full Steam Ahead!

announcement  exciting! coreCLEAR IS A GO!

If you'd like a quick overview of some of the things you can expect, make sure to check out this video!

And if you'd like to see the full webinar on this, make sure to click the link below

coreCLEAR Webinar

improvement exciting! Speaking of coreCLEAR... Are you Hesitant About Switching Merchant Providers?

We now have the ability to import saved accounts from a different merchant provider, including updating any recurring transactions to use the new merchant provider.  This allows us to perform an nearly seamless migration to coreCLEAR from other merchant gateways.

improvement Orders Dashboard Updates!

1) On the Order Dashboard, if the billing address is a long distance from the shipping address, the billing address will now be highlighted with a warning showing the distance.  This should help catch potentially fraudulent orders. 

2) On the Order Dashboard, there is now a count of the total quantity of items ordered (less deleted items) and the total quantity of items shipped (less secondary shipments).  This will help ensure that no products are missed when fulfilling large orders.

improvement Reservation Confirmation Page Update

If you've worked with online scheduling, you may know this as the page running the script: reservefacility.php.

This page now includes a business name field, and if the customer is not logged in, there will also be a phone number field. This allows a bit more flexibility to this page, especially if you'd like to use it for scheduling appointments whereas it has traditionally been used for events and facility reservations.

improvement Contact Subscription - Notes Field

Contact Subscription records now have a notes field to allow staff to record the reason why a subscription was paused or cancelled. 

This reason will show in the subscription report.