Grab Some CoreFFEINE and Enjoy Our Update

This update is a beast with tons of new features, new integrations, and lots of improvements. 

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coreFIRE Release - Time for Some New Gear!

We are releasing coreFIRE in response to our customers asking for a simplified and integrated eCommerce platform.  

Learn more by vising the coreFIRE Site:

coreILLA V2 Integration

We are so excited about our release of coreILLA Version 2.0 which introduces an entire marketing platform for your business.  Be on the lookout for an upcoming webinar to learn how coreILLA can TRULY help you grow your business.  Take control of your own marketing with coreILLA.    You can learn more by visiting:

In the meantime, take a look at our video on Smart Tags and our integration video.

Integrating coreILLA into coreSTORE:

Sale Screen

new feature Split Items by Line - watch the video.

improvement You can now edit the allocated quantity directly on the sales screen.

new feature Added a new security option to prevent an employee from being able to change their register.

new feature Split Items by Line

There are times when you scan items that you would rather keep the item on separate lines.  Watch this video to learn more:

Fulfillment Status Codes and Work Orders

Learn how we expanded the Status Codes features for both sales orders and work orders.


new feature Added an allocation history screen which will show when items were allocated to order and which employee performed the allocation.  This button is available directly on the fulfillment screen.


improvement Added Item Type to the Column Selector on the Items screen.

improvement Improvements to the Item Serial Number Tab.  You are now able to update the price and cost of a serialized ite.


new feature Flat fees and taxes by location.  There is a new tab in the locations screen that allows the user to define additional taxes and/or fees that should be applied to a sale.   Be on the lookout for a video that explains how this works. 

new feature You can now clone a location and it will copy all the settings.

Work Orders

exciting! You can now create custom email notifications (and text notifications) for any status.

Warehouse Module

improvement Receiving module has been enhanced to support receiving serialized items, receiving against a specific purchase order, and running multiple handhelds all working on the same receiving transaction.


improvement You can now sort a report by any column.  Simply click on the column name and the report will be sorted by that column.

new feature Added a new report: Inventory Detail by Category under the inventory reports section. 

new feature Added a new report: Payment by Day Report

Buyer Assistant 

improvement Added the ability to filter by Brand.

Waivers - Smart Waiver Integration

Bound Book & 4473

new feature Added required fields to the bound book: Privately Made Firearm and Country of Manufacture (if imported).

new feature Add a direct link from Bound Book to Sales.  This works even before the serial number is fully disposed.  Simply add the Dispose Invoice field to the bound book screen.

improvement Default bound book will now be stored by the user, so when one user switches their bound book, it won't automatically switch for all users.

improvement When selecting multiple records on the 4473 you can now download them and save them to local storage.

improvement Added a new security setting under Bound Book called Download 4473's which will default to False.  This will ensure that only employees with the correct security setting can download a 4473.

improvement Added the ability to hide phone number and email from the 4473 kiosk.

improvement Added support for Trade Name when pulling in FFL information.


improvement Integration improvements with coreFORCE.  Watch the video to learn more.