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new video  exciting! Is it a podcast or an update?... 

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new feature exciting! You asked, we delivered... SMS SUPPORT!

With coreFORCE, we now offer Twilio Integration, allowing you to reach your customers more effectively. One of our clients found that roughly 75% of their website traffic was coming from cellular devices! Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we reach our customers in the form that they are most likely to receive our updates.

To use Twilio, you will need to have an account. You can Sign Up Here!

Once you have an account the process is super simple! Simply go to your Orders -> Setup where you simply input the required information. 

See this Article for a Step by Step Walk-through

new feature exciting! Additional FontAwesome Support?!

This update keeps getting better and better! 😱 

If you're already familiar with FontAwesome, you already know how exciting this is (I'm looking at you front-end developers). You may or may not have known that FontAwesome icons are already fully integrated into coreFORCE but we now give you the ability to use the library of 7,865 icons directly in the (still horribly named) WYSIWYG editor!

What is FontAwesome? Well, FontAwesome is a library of professionally designed, pixel-perfect icons and symbols that you can use in your websites. 

Start taking a look today!

improvement exciting! Add Notes to Completed Orders

You can now add notes to a completed order without having to reopen the order. This is especially important for dealers who have automatic notifications when an order is marked completed!

 new feature exciting! Event Registration for Another Person

If you're using the eventregistration.php page for your events and classes, there is now an option for you to register another person for this event. This will not be an option if you are using the product details page for your events and classes.

improvement Product Listing Report Now Includes MAP

To run this report, go to Products -> Products -> Product Listing

new featureexciting! GunBroker Tax Report!

It was brought up to us that GunBroker cannot and will not generate a sales tax report... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ ... So we did it! 

To run this report go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Tax Report.

Okay, but seriously @GunBroker, you should REALLY add this report on your end as well!

new feature important Fixed Tax Amounts

You can now set fixed tax amounts for any products or for products in departments. This was needed for Illinois, where there is a flat $25 tax plus a percentage on firearms.

You can change this in Orders -> Settings -> State Tax Rates.

improvement Reservation Confirmation Page Now Includes Tax When Applicable


Enough said! 🎈 

new feature EasyPost Signature Preference

The EasyPost Create Label dialog will check "Signature required" if the shipment is being sent to an FFL.  To make "Adult Signature Required" checked by default, add the department codes you want to require an adult signature here in a comma-separated list.

This can be set up in Orders -> Setup in the EasyPost tab.

new feature HazMat support for EasyPost

The EasyPost Create Label dialog will give you a dropdown list of the various HazMat options. 

This can be set up in Orders -> Setup in the EasyPost tab.

new feature  You can add an Inventory Alert to the list of orders in the Order Dashboard. 

Did you know you can modify the column headers in the Orders Dashboard? If you select Actions -> Preferences you can actually select a LOT of different potential column headers! Our newest addition allows you to see inventory alerts for when orders contain products that are low on inventory!

What does it look like in action?


improvement Contact CSV Import Now Verifies Addresses

While this is GREAT for verifying that your data is clean, this also makes it possible to accurately parse addresses that aren’t broken out.  So, instead of having separate fields for Address1, city, state, and postal code, you can now just have a single full_address field, and coreFORCE will figure it out. This is especially useful for our new clients coming from AmmoReady. 

Please note that we do pay for those address lookups though, so if you are wanting to import thousands of addresses, we might have to charge a data import fee. 

improvement Add Location in Event Maintenance List View

improvement Added Aria Labels to login forms

This is mainly used for ADA compliance, and something we'll implement on our end 😁 

improvement Minor Code Structural Enhancements

These simply include miscellaneous behind-the-scenes structural enhancements. These types of changes generally just help the overall speed or efficiency of certain functions.

  • Orders Dashboard
  • Order Shipments
  • EasyPost Integration
  • Client Preferences
  • API updates
  • Images
  • Template Maintenance
  • GunBroker
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Manufacturers

bug fixes Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor issue regarding tax on shipping
  • Fixed a minor contact ID bug
  • Product Listing Report - MAP communication
  • Event Calendar - display priority
  • Fixed 2 minor functions causing system lockup
  • Fixed issue with minified code
  • Fixed minor issue with updating UPC
  • Fixed Issue with updating List Prices

tip Don't wash your Coreware mug in the dishwasher!

We heard from one of our customers that the label can come off in the dishwasher 😥