Happy New Year - 2023 Here We Come 🎉🥳🎉!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year.   We are done with our code freeze and now it's time for an update.  It's going to be an exciting year and we have lots of exciting developments.  Before we delve into the updates, there are a few announcements to make.

Shot Show is coming up next week and we hope to see you there.   Stop by to get some coreFFEINE, talk to our team, learn about new products and get some really cool patches.  We will be in the Caesar's Forum at booth #72627.

Our customer appreciation dinner is being held Thursday January 19th in Vegas between 7:00PM and 9:00PM.  There are a few spots open (but not many).   If you haven't RSVP'd, please click on the image below.  We hope to see you there.

Update Time

exciting! Subscriptions

Do you offer any memberships in your retail store? You can now set up subscription items in coreSTORE and sell them at the register.   Selling subscription items requires coreCLEAR, and the feature needs to be activated by our support team.  Please submit a support ticket if you would like this feature activated.

new feature Use Serial Number Cost

For serialized items, by default coreSTORE uses the actual cost of the individual serial number.  A new configuration option under Company Settings->Sales has been added to let you choose whether the cost should be pulled from the individual serial number or pulled based on average cost or standard cost depending on how you have the inventory costing set.

new feature Cancel Order Fulfillment Status

When managing fulfillment statuses, you can now choose to cancel an order when a specific status is assigned.

Check the Cancel Order box to cancel the order.

improvement Data Imports

All data imports have been improved to allow large data sets to be imported without needing to break apart the import into smaller files.   A progress bar has been added to show the status of the import.

improvement Buyer Assistant New Criteria

If you are not using the Buyer Assistant to better manage your inventory, we highly recommend using it. In this latest update, we added the ability to limit the criteria to show items that are currently in special orders.  If you are connected to any distributors, the Buyer Assistant will show what special orders need to be fulfilled along with the item availability in local inventory and distributor inventory.

improvement Buyer Assistant Show Last Year's Sales

In addition to Last Year to Date Sales the Buyer Assistant will now also display the total sales for last year for any item.  This will help plan out the year ahead better.

improvement Buyer Assistant Variations

Item variations will now show all the variations of an item (so will the Transfer Assistant, see below).

improvement Payment Portal Improvement

If you are a coreCLEAR customer, your customers can easily pay you online for layaways, open orders, and open invoices.   The Payment Portal can easily now be set up to use the merchant credentials from coreSTORE.  If you have multiple locations, the online payment will use the merchant credentials for each location.

new feature Open Special Order Report

Under Reports->Sales a new open special report has been added which will allow you to print the open special orders.

new feature Transfer Assistant

Similar to the Buyer Assistant module the Transfer Assistant module allows you to better manage your multi-location inventory, and help determine what items need to be transferred from your warehouse to your stores.  

Important The transfer assistant needs to be turned on by our support staff. If you would like to use the Transfer Assistant, please submit a request via our help desk - https://help.coreware.com.

new feature Fractional Quantities

A new Company Setting has been added to allow fractional quantities.  This is off by default, so if you need to use fractional quantities make sure to turn this setting on first.

new feature Force Login By Register

Currently, there is a Company Setting - "Require Employee Login Before Each Sale ", this forces the user to log in before each sale transaction, which is helpful if you have multiple users on the same register.   

We have now added a feature in the Locations screen that allows you to set that option by register.  This is helpful when you don't want all the registers to force a log in before each sale.

improvement Brand Management

In addition to tracking the manufacturer of a product, you can track the brand of a product.  Previously there was a constraint on the brands that required the brand to exist in the manufacturer table, this constraint has been removed.  You can also now merge brands (like you merge manufacturers).

coreFORCE & coreFIRE Related Changes:

new feature Item Variants integration with coreFORCE and coreFIRE

If you use item variants in coreSTORE (for tracking apparel or other variations), you can now transmit item variants to your website.   Item variants created in coreSTORE will properly be created in coreFORCE and coreFIRE so instead of individual products the user can quickly select the variation they want (for example showing a drop down for size and color).

new feature FFL Update

Updating an FFL in an order in coreFORCE/coreFIRE will be reflected in coreSTORE.