Latest Update on coreSTORE

A Message from Ezra (CEO)

It's been a while since we published a What's New but this is not an indication that we haven't been hard at work improving and fixing coreSTORE.  Many of you I'm sure have noticed the incredible speed improvements in the system that were released in the last few weeks, along with many other new features.  We now have a dedicated person that will be focused on building out coreU for coreSTORE and our other products.  We are now at a cadence of releasing coreSTORE updates every 2 weeks (on Monday night/early Tuesday morning).

In the next few weeks, MANY exciting new features will be released all to help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively.  Our job of communicating what is new has not been good, but we now have Charming Chami who has volunteered to step in and make sure that we keep you better informed of all the changes.   Rest assured we are listening to your requests and issues and continue to strive for excellence. 

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ImportanTnew featureS We're excited to announce some great new features and improvements to coreSTORE!

Sale Screen

First, the Sales Register will now make it apparent that a Suspended Sale is currently open. This will help you keep track of what sales are completed and what sales are still open.

Item Tags

Next, Items and Item Tags can now be marked as restricted in chosen states. These items won't be able to be sold to customers that reside in the restricted states. This will help ensure that your store is compliant with all state regulations.

4473/3310 New Features

We've also added the ability to Flag Serials on Previously Denied 4473s. 4473s that get denied will now flag the serial for any subsequent 4473 to a customer with a matching last name or address. The 4473 can still be completed but the record is flagged so users can review as needed. This will help you quickly identify which serials have been denied in the past and take the appropriate action.

4473 Kiosks will now pull location data from Google. This will make it easier to fill out Form 4473 by entering the zip code and ensuring that they're in the proper location.

Added Validation to prevent more variations of "USA"/"United States" in the 4473 County field.

Add the ability to reset a 3310 form.

New Video - Partial Order Fulfillment (how to handle backorders, partial shipments etc.)

Non-Tax Items

Non-taxable amounts will now show a breakdown in the report. This will help you keep track of how much of your income is coming from taxable and non-taxable sources.

Plus, you now have the option to add on Items to Round Up to Nearest Dollar. This can help you quickly and easily round up any prices that need to be adjusted.


Our latest feature will force a user to select a subcategory when assigning a category to an item. This mandatory setting guarantees that Items are exclusively assigned to the lowest-level categories in the hierarchy.

Category names in the Categories screen will now link to a filtered Items listing showing only items in that Category

A "Require Customer" checkbox has been added to the Categories to allow forcing a customer to be selected based on selling items from a specific category.

Items can now be searched by Brand

Customer Invoice Improvements

Customer sales invoices have been improved. The default terms for a customer will be displayed on the sale screen and on the sales receipt.   You can change the terms right on the sale screen when clicking Continue.   Invoices for partial shipments will be created based on quantities being fulfilled.  The sales invoice screen will now clearly show the last time an invoice was emailed to the customer (last sent).


Subscriptions are now fully available for any coreSTORE customer.  If you are a coreFORCE Express or coreFORCE Enterprise customer you will keep managing subscriptions on those platforms.   For coreFORCE Lite and non coreFORCE customers you can easily setup and sell subscriptions in coreSTORE.


You can now see and pull up a waiver from the customer screen directly.

Added a configuration option to allow capturing a customer's PO number.


Do you sell subscriptions and/or memberships?  We've had a subscription option for a while, but now you don't have to contact support to enable the feature.  Subscriptions in coreSTORE are only avaliable to coreCLEAR customers.  You can now choose your subscription provider (coreSTORE or coreFORCE).   The Subscription/Membership button on the sale screen allows you to quickly and easily sell a subscription.

API Enhancements

  • API Logs will now show how long a request took (in milliseconds)
  • API Result column has been added to API logs 
  • create_distributor_order has been added to the API Logs search dropdown
  • Updated API Docs

ADDITIONAL improvementS 

  • A customer address is now required for Work Orders
  • You can no longer edit completed Firearm Transfers (seems obvious)
  • Corrected the error message when searching e-commerce for an item without a UPC
  • "Edit Sale" is only allowed after a register has been opened.
  • Tax Rate on Internet Orders has been replaced with the verbiage of Tax Charge
  • The option to "Delete Sale" has been updated to "Void Sale" for improved clarity in conveying the user's action
  • Zip and Security Code (CVV) are now required on coreCLEAR manual register transactions
  • Imported event orders are now imported as completed sales
  • Multiple Suppliers can now have the same FFL number
  • SmartWaiver will now match on Phone Number if the Driver's License and Email both fail to find a match
  • When selling a kit the components of the kit are printed on the sales receipt and below each component we now show the kit that component belonged to.
  • Add FFL info to the "Ship To" section on the Sales screen
  • Item Setting "Discounts Do Not Apply" -> "Prohibit Manual Discounts" and now only applies to employee-entered discounts. Price rules will now apply as normal
  • Improved Easypost error messages
  • When selling a coreFORCE class or event coreSTORE will also create the order in coreFORCE allowing users to manage the class registration directly in coreFORCE.
  • When entering shipping information if shipping to an FFL the FFL Trade Name, FFL Number, and FFL Expiration are now displayed.

We hope these changes will make your experience with Coreware even better. As always, if you have any questions about these updates or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help.

Thanks for being part of the Coreware community!