Time to Rent your Lanes & Another Giveaway!!

news Did you know that Corestore has access to over 200 million products???? What does that mean to you?  A LOT LESS TYPING, fewer MISTAKES, AND TREMENDOUS TIME SAVINGS. 


We have added rental features to Corestore, so you can set up items for rentals.  The video will show you how to setup Range, but it will work for any items that you rent.  Quickly see who has the rental and what time the rental started.  With the ability to add items to the rental transaction and automated rental fees calculations

new feature Importing orders from your web site.

Import a single order from your ECommerce site.  If you don't see the menu option make sure to check the security settings under the Employee screen.

improvement API Enhancement

The Corestore API has been enhanced. The method Searchsales has been updated to allow searching for transactions by additional criteria including:

- Customer email address
- Suspended transaction type
 - Start date an End Date ranges

Here is an example of searching for transactions using a specific type and date range and email address:

https://demo.corestore.shop/index.php/api/v1/sales?start_date=2019-01-21T17%3A32%3A28Z&end_date=2020-03-21T17%3A32%3A28Z&suspended_type=layaway,work order,special order&email_address=ezra.weinstein@coreware.com 

improvement Receiving and PO Enhancements

Item number (UPC) has been added to the receiving and PO documents.

improvement Warehouse Module Improvements

Various enhancements made to our warehouse module to support colored bins making it easier for pickers to find an item on a shelf without the need of setting fixed positions on the shelf.  If you are running a warehouse and interested in our warehouse module please contact our sales team.

exciting! TIME FOR A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!exciting! 

How would you like to win a Teemi TMSL-55 wireless Bluetooth scanner with cradle ($100 value)? Here is what you need to do. Take a picture of Corestore at your store, post it to either Facebook or Instagram add hashtag #SCOREware, and tag us. If you’re not following us on those platforms, do so for a chance at future giveaways. 

For this competition, our marketing team will take a vote, and the best picture wins!!!!!! Be creative; be funny.