TOO MANY Incredible Updates? Nonsense.

exciting! Happy Independence Day Weekend everyone!

This is such a great time of the year to celebrate the Declaration of Independence when the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the King of Britain, King George III. 

Did you know that the Congress had actually voted to declare independence two days earlier on July 2nd, but it was not officially declared until July 4th? 

At Coreware, we are proud of our country and proud to stand alongside so many great businesses and individuals who love our country and the freedoms that we get to enjoy. We sincerely thank you for your business and we sincerely hope you all have an incredible weekend. 

announcement On to the announcements!

We've been hard at work and we have a LOT of exciting updates in this week's What's New! Hold on to your hats cause we have some HUGE updates!

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new videoCheck out our latest episode, Episode 2 for fun discussion on Coffee, Crypto, Aliens, and an overview of new updates. Additionally, make sure to comment for a chance to win another bag of coreFFEINE!



This is a HUGE update! A lot of of you have been asking for this for a while and we now give your customers the ability to purchase events and classes for friends and loved ones. This will create a simple contact for that person if they do not already have a contact.

exciting! new feature Ammo Seek Integration!

Not familiar with Ammo Seek? It's basically but for ammo. To set up your integration, go to Orders -> Settings where you can set it up in the AmmoSeek tab.

 Not using Ammo Seek yet? 

Join Here

exciting! new feature Invoice Updates!

You can now create Invoice types AND send reminders for invoices. Especially useful for layaways! Go to Payments -> Invoicing -> Invoice Types.

Additionally, you can now check the "Requires User" flag to a payment method in order to make this feature only available to users who are logged in. Go to Payments -> Payment Methods. This was done for layaways/invoices but could be used for any payment!

improvement Book Days Ahead by User Group Using the Public Facing Event Scheduler

We made an update so that user groups will have priority if there is a conflict between setting the DAYS_AHEAD text chunk code for user group, user type, and no user group/type. This will allow you to give special permissions to certain users so that they can book out facilities further in advance than other users!

Please note that the Public Facing Event Scheduler can be used to book out any type of event or event to allow customers to set appointments and meetings. 

If you would like to learn more about how to set this up, and what it looks like, we have this series here where we explain how to set this up for a gun range in particular. 

improvement Additionally, we now have better Page Text Chunk Documentation directly on the page which will include the usable page text chunks for a particular page. 

new feature Added Contact Notes to the recurring payment maintenance page

This is used to improve membership management so that you can make notes on a contact's payment status/issues so that they can be seen directly on the contact record.

improvement Added filter for Orders with low inventory Items

Access this in your Orders Dashboard.

new feature Expiration Days and Emails for Forms 

Forms can now include an expiration day as well as emails. Please submit a ticket if you think you may have a need for this!

improvement exciting! Placeholders

Placeholders are now more generalized and codified. You can add the following placeholders in any page or template. 

Click here for full list.

improvement Added a field named "Metro Area" to locations. This will allow a company to show all stores, for instance, in the Houston area.

new feature exciting! Promotions

Promotions can now be restricted to people who have made specific previous purchases. This will allow a dealer, for instance, to give a 10% discount on specific products (perhaps a membership) for 30 days after a person purchases a class.

new feature exciting! Help Desk Mentions

You can now tag other Help Desk Staff when writing notes. Just type @ and start typing the user's name. The person tagged should receive an email notification.

improvement Miscellaneous Updates

  • Form List Updates
  • Orders Dashboard Updates
  • Video Display Updates
  • EasyPost Updates
  • Product Imports
  • Contact Picker
  • Zaius Communication Updates
  • product export report
  • Order Items report
  • Order Tracking
  • Email Log
  • Export Formatting
  • Refund Dashboard
  • Text Messaging
  • Sitemap Changes

bug fixes 

  • Lipseys Fix
  • Fixed issue with Content Builder for email
  • Fixed Issue with Updated Payment Methods not updating Recurring Payment accounts.
  • Fixed Issue with Kit products not creating recurring payments.
  • Fixed an issue with updating products
  • Fix issue with 360 images and duplicated code
  • Fixed an issue with attendees for events
  • Fixed an issue with translation for menu items
  • Fixed an issue with cart minimums and maximums
  • Fixed an issue with Modals
  • Fixed an issue with logging out while simulating a user who hasn't reset password yet.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some prices to not be cached
  • Fixed an issue with user groups for subscriptions