Tuesday is Update Day!

announcement Good morning everyone!  We are back to our Tuesday update cycle (typically every other Tuesday).   We have an exciting update and I made a couple of video tutorials that hopefully you will find useful.  Please subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking here and then make sure to click on the Subscribe button.

Sales Screen Interface Update exciting! 

It's an updated interface and we think you will love it.  Watch the video to learn more.

Payment Portal new feature 

Most of our customers now use the coreCLEAR gateway.  I bet many of you didn't know we have a payment portal that allows your customers to make payments online for:

  • Layaways
  • Special Orders
  • Layaways

Your customers can also view all their order history online.

We have added another cool feature.  We now print a payment link directly on the receipt, along with a QR code, that your customers can easily scan to make an online payment!

Time Clock Restriction improvement 

You can now enter multiple IP Addresses when restricting the IP address.  Restricting the IP address will help prevent employees from logging in outside of the store.   This restriction can now be limited to only time clock employees.  This option can be found in the Locations screen.

Print Labels Directly from Receiving Screen new feature 

You can now print pricing labels directly from the receiving screen, as you enter items.

Sales Order Processing new feature 

If you have sales orders that involve multiple items and you fulfill these orders as inventory arrives, we have made it easier to track all of that.  Watch this video to learn more about it.

Price Rules for Multiple Locations improvement 

Easily specify whether a price rule applies to a single or multiple locations, no need to setup separate price rules for each location.

Loyalty Points improvement 

When selecting a customer the system will immediately show a dialog box alerting the user that this customer has loyalty points available.

Default Font Color & Button Color for the Button Grid new feature 

If you use the button on the sales screen, you may already know that you can change the background color for each category, but we have now added the option to have a default color, so you don't have to setup each category.  We also added a default font color for the text on the buttons.

Employee Import new feature 

Added an option to import employees from a spreadsheet.

Serial Number Enhancement improvement 

Serial Number Tab Now Shows the Corresponding Sale Id.   You can also click on the sale id to view the receipt.

Not All Ideas are Good Ideas fix 

We thought combining the Add/Remove Cash into one menu option was a good one, but apparently we were wrong and we don't mind admitting when we are wrong.  So...it's back. The two menu options are no longer one!

Bound Book & 4473 Changes improvement 

Show Warning When trying to Complete a Sale that Has No 4473

You will now see a warning if a 4473 has not been completed. If you are not using the coreSTORE 4473 functionality you can hide this message by checking the Store Config option - 

Expired FFL's
Expired FFL's can now be entered.  The system will simply warn the user that the FFL has expired.

Send SMS from 4473 Screen

You can send a text (sms) message to your customer directly from the 4473 management screen.

4473 Change Management Support

  • Any section that has been completed and then edited later will create a new "version" of that 4473.
  • The version is indicated by the PDF button's label ("PDFv2", "PDFv3", etc.)    
  • When you click the PDF button, you will get a "merged" PDF, with the versions stacked on top of each other (v1 on top, the latest version at the bottom).
  • The merged PDF will show its version number in the upper-right corner of the 4473 as "Version #__" in red, and every change that was made to that version compared with the previous version will be dated and initialed in red over the area changed.    
  • If a version is responsible for generating a 3310, that 3310 will be in the stack of merged PDFs, directly behind the 4473 version responsible.

Updated 4473 Form    

  • The latest Form 4473 from the ATF (May 2020) is now in use.    -
  • The field area for Question 10 (Address/City/State/Zip/County) has had its font size reduced and field area enlarged to help prevent cutoff of long addresses. (Note that this line does not wrap, as space has also been made for a second address that will show under the first one once support for a second address -- used by a member of the Armed Forces on active duty where the duty station is different from their state of residence -- has been added to Section B).    
  • The field area for Question 11 (Place of Birth) has also had its font size reduced and field area enlarged, and it was also set to wrap to help prevent cutoff of long birth country names (like "PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA" or "FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA")
  • Automatic Upload: If the 4473 is in a "complete" state (e.g. Section E is signed) when a Section is submitted, the 4473 is automatically uploaded to our offsite backup in an unchangeable state, and is made available for download and sync via the coreFFL Sync application.