Tuesday Update - Not a very big one

new feature Price & Cost Change Log Added to Items Screen

Have you ever wanted to see the history of price and cost changes on an item? On any item, if you click the Pricing tab and then scroll to the bottom you will see a full history of the price and cost changes and what user made them.

important If you don't see the logs, make sure the employee has the security right setup to see the logs. You will find this security option under the Employee in the Items security section.

improvement Invoice Enhancements

Customer invoices will now display the line item details of an invoice. If you have the system set to partially fill orders, invoices will be created with the items that were fulfilled.  An invoice will be created for each fulfillment.

improvement Trade In Automatic MarkUps

If you have category markups set up in coreSTORE, those markups will now be applied when adding a trade-in item.  You can set default markups for categories directly in the category screen.

improvement Improved State Restrictions for Firearm Sales

Added additional controls to prohibit handgun sales to out-of-state individuals

Added a new configuration option to allow users to restrict long gun sales to in-state or border states.  This will prohibit any long gun sales to out-of-state individuals unless the state is a border state.  This is not an ATF requirement, but it is an additional control that you can put in place by choice.  You can optionally specify a waiting period to assign for any long gun sales that are to an individual from a border state.