We are BACK with an exciting update!

Between Shot Show, the AMCHAR Show and a bout of Covid, it's been WAY TOO long since we provided a written update.  That's not to say that coreSTORE has not been updated.  In fact we have been quite busy fixing, enhancing and improving the system.   

I'd like to welcome ALL of our new customers, we have had quite a few sign up recently and we are excited to have you on board.  We'd also like to thank all of our customers that stopped at our booth at Shot Show and the AMCHAR show this past week.  

Below are the highlights of some of our new features and enhancements.

New Trade In Widget

We added a trade in widget that should make life easier for many of you when handling trade in items, buy backs etc.  Watch the video to learn more and PLEASE hit that SUBSCRIBE BUTTON on our Youtube channel.

new feature Invoices

This is big news.  We have added the ability to create customer and supplier invoices.  It's best to review this feature by watching our two videos.

Customer Invoices

Supplier Invoices

coreCLEAR Portal

If you are using coreCLEAR merchant processing we have a new and improved gateway where you can view transactions, batches, statements and disputes.  We also added a virtual terminal.  Watch our video here:

new feature Packing Slips

You can now print a packing slip from the order fulfillment screen. Just click on any order and then click the Print Packing Slip button.

improvement Settle Consignments

Added a new column to the Settle Consignment screen showing the amount to pay to the consignor.

improvement Manufacturer Screen Column Configurator

Added the ability to configure the columns being displayed in the manufacturer screen.

improvement Custom Payment Types

When setting up a custom payment type in the Store Configuration, you can now specify if this custom payment type should be tracked in the register and displayed in the register logs.

Various Fixes and Improvements

Rather than boring everyone with all the detail and making this a SUPER LONG post that nobody will read I'll just sum it up as follows: 

🥳We have fixed many bugs  and made many small improvements throughout the entire system🥳. 

If you want more detail just ask Rachael.